3 Advantages of Attending a Nutritional Consult

For health-conscious individuals, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing nutritional guidelines from the FDA and other organizations. It can be frustrating for those struggling to get in shape or lose weight when a diet isn’t working, particularly if they then find out their “diet” is no longer recommended. Part of the problem is that generalized nutritional guides are difficult to create, and aren’t crafted to meet the specific dietary needs of individual people. Instead of trying to diet based on national guidelines, another option is to attend a nutritional consultation, where a nutritionist can give you advice on the best diet for you. Here are three advantages of attending a nutritional consult:

1. Personalized Advice

Many scientists and nutritionists have recently become convinced that, as Dr. Elinav from the Weissman Institute quoted in the New York Times, “the same dietary advice cannot be good for everyone, because we’re all different.” A study conducted by Elinav and his colleagues backed this up, reporting that different subjects’ bodies had wildly different responses to eating the same foods. (Benefits of a Personalized Diet) By meeting with a nutritionist and getting a personal consultation, you can get help crafting a diet that will be healthy for your body specifically. Nutritionists will ask you specific questions about your medical history, exercise levels, your desired weight, and more, and will craft a dietary guide based off of these personalized factors. By crafting a diet to fit an individual rather than providing general guidelines, consultees are more likely to experience the results they desire.

2. Delicious yet Healthful Foods Make Dieting Easier

One of the most common reasons that people break their diets is that they think they are limited to bland food, and crave some of their less-healthy favorites. Another benefit of a nutritional consultation is that a nutritionist can help you cook delicious meals that are still good for your body. Because they are experts, they can point out foods that taste great while still being healthy, as well as which foods to avoid, or can suggest specific recipes. Thousands of people simply don’t know the basics of good nutrition, and by talking to an expert, you can not only find out what the healthiest foods for you are, but also how to incorporate them into tasty meals.

3. Reduce Risk from Various Medical Conditions

Perhaps the biggest advantage of receiving professional nutritional counseling is that nutritionists can prescribe diets to treat pre-existing medical conditions. This type of dieting is often referred to as, “medical nutrition therapy,” the process of using specialized nutrition to reduce the risk of complications from pre-existing conditions, as well as to potentially reduce negative effects. Science has proven that not only can an unhealthy diet make many medical conditions worse, but diets catered to specific conditions can help treat the effects. A good nutritionist will look at a patient’s medical history and dietary history perform a physical examination and develop a diet with foods that can have a therapeutic effect on the patient’s condition. Some of the many conditions that can be treated with medical nutrition therapy include high cholesterol or high blood pressure, thyroid disorders such as Grave’s Disorder, hypoglycemia, among many more.

These are just three of the many reasons to attend a nutritional consultation. Whether you are looking for help with a medical condition or simply want to get in better shape, a nutritionist can help you find a personalized diet that will make you feel better physically and emotionally. A word of caution, though: there are many supposedly “professional,” dietary coaches who are not certified nutritionists, so finding the right counselor is important. As long as you find an experienced, certified nutritionist, however, they can help you develop a diet that will work better than any generalized guidelines.

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