3 Benefits of Having a 3D Home Design Before Building

Deciding to build a new home can be a big decision for anyone. You’re going to be investing a lot of your time and money to create the perfect location and you want to ensure that you and your home designer are on the same page. During the design process, you should ensure that you use a home designer that utilizes 3D home design software.

The type of software essentially allows the designer to create a 3D model of your interior and exterior floor plans. You’ll be able to see the house to scale in a three-dimensional model. Alongside just the walls and doors of a home, you’ll get to see the interior contents as well. Things like appliances, couches, and the actual colors and designs that will be used can be shown in this type of three-dimensional planning software. By using a home designer that utilizes this type of design software, you can obtain the three benefits that are listed out below.

It Helps You To Really Picture Your New Home

When you’re talking with a designer about your home, there are a lot of decisions that you’ll need to make. From the colors of the walls and trim to the tiling you want in your bathroom. While some decisions may look good by comparing paint swatches to one another, you really never know what they’re going to turn out like until you actually see them in person.

When you use a home designer that utilized three-dimensional design software you can actually see all your decisions executed. This will give you a physical connection to the project. That’s just not a great connection that you’ll be able to create with some blueprints on a plain piece of paper. These 3D software programs allow your dream home to come to life. You’ll actually be able to formulate an emotional connection with the project and get more excited about its completion.

It Ensures You And The Designer Are On The Same Page

There’s a big difference between talking about something and seeing it in person. When you’re translating your design preferences to your designer, it can be hard to ensure whether or not they’re coming through. If you’ve ever played the telephone game with a group of people, it’s not hard to understand how one break in communication can mess up instructions tremendously.

When you use a designer who implements 3D design services, you can physically verify that you’re getting what you’re asking for. You can see the home in full dimension with this software. You can see what the color of the walls will be. You can see the placement of the furniture and the tiling in the bathroom. It actually becomes a home, not just a drawing and letters on a piece of paper.

It Allows You To Fix Problems Before They Happen

One true thing about life is that we can plan all we want to avoid problems. However, when the physical part of the process starts, there are usually some unforeseen problems. The 3D home design software works to eliminate these unforeseeable problems by allowing you to see what your home would actually look like when it’s completed. Instead of just looking at the home from one angle, via the blueprint looking from a birds-eye view of the home, you can rotate your view around the home in the 3D software. This can allow you to see if there are any problems that you can anticipate ahead of time.

For example, you may find that the color of the kitchen backsplash simply doesn’t accent the intended light fixtures. Or, you may find that a window will be shadowed heavily by a bush. These little things are hard to identify at first without a 3D view. However, when you see your home from a three-dimensional view, you can catch these little hiccups and fix them before your home is actually built.

3D home design software is becoming the new norm for many home builders. They not only bring along a slew of benefits for the designer but for you as the homeowner as well. When you build your next home, we encourage you to hire a designer who uses this type of software so you can gain all the benefits talked about above.

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