3 Financial Benefits of Having an Apartment Roommate

There have literally been movies made about the experience of having a roommate. It is something that we like to hold up in popular culture for its comedic value at times. In those movies, it is something that we can have a big laugh about when movie makers take some of the scenarios of having a roommate to the extreme. However, the real-world financial benefits of having an apartment roommate are no joke. There are upsides to making this choice in your life, and you may want to consider what some of these benefits could mean for you.

Splitting Up The Bills

The most obvious benefit to moving in with a roommate in an apartment is that you get to split up the bills with them. Different roommate pairings having different ways of doing things, but many find it helpful to just split everything right down the middle. Half the rent, half the utilities, half the cable and/or Internet bill if applicable. This is a fair way of doing things if the living space is going to be used evenly by both people living there. Obviously, if there is a different arrangement than this, then things can be worked out on a percentage basis.

Most financial experts recommend that housing account for no more than thirty percent of a healthy budget. They say that going above this leaves people vulnerable to not having enough money to make ends meet. No one wants to find themselves in those shoes. Luckily, having a roommate can help you get down to that thirty percent number or even lower. It can literally be the difference between making it on the bills or not making it.

Someone To Keep Your Financial Accountable

Oddly enough, having a roommate can help make some people more financially accountable. They suddenly realize that they have someone other than just themselves that they have to worry about. It can be deeply embarrassing to not have your portion of the money for the bills if you have a roommate.

It is very likely the case that if you have a roommate that they will expect prompt payment of your portion of the expenses. They cannot sit around and listen to your excuses about why you do not have your rent money or things like that. You can put yourself and your roommate at risk of being evicted at the same time if you do not plan out your budget in such a way that you are left with the money that you need to take care of your business. As such, many feel the pressure to make sure that they are staying on their budget and paying what they need to pay to avoid any scenario where they do not have the money necessary to give to their roommate for their portion of the bills.

They Can Help You Get A Better Job

A good roommate is someone who wants to see you grow and succeed. They will be there to support you in your career journey and with anything else that may come up in life. You may even discover that you can count on them to help you out when it comes time to find a job that perhaps pays a little better than what you are earning now.

Many people end up at better paying jobs by having the right connections to get their foot in the door in the first place. Perhaps you have a roommate who happens to know that there are some openings at the place where they work or somewhere similar to that. If that is the case, then your roommate could be the one who helps you get your chance to have an interview with that new company. You never know where these kinds of things could lead.

There are plenty of upsides to having a roommate even if Hollywood likes to make a mockery of the whole experience. Plan on taking some time to get adjusted to the new way of living, but do not allow television and the movies to keep you from making the kind of choices that you need to make in your financial life to get things put together for you.

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