3 Financial Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

As much as you love those old windows with the wood frames and wavy glass, they aren’t doing your pocketbook any good. Unfortunately, they weren’t made to last forever. Over time, the integrity of the wood around the windows can become compromised by both the wrath of Mother Nature and the limits of Father Time.

When this starts to happen, there will be air gaps created, allowing the outside air to get inside and letting the inside air escape. Not only that, but old windows can cause moisture issues inside of your home, leading to potential mold and mildew issues. And, pests can even get through some of the air gaps.

Replacing your old windows with newer energy-efficient ones will not only will keep your home safe from damage, it will actually put more money back into your wallet. Here are three financial benefits that you can enjoy by having new windows installed.


When your old windows are about to reach the end of their life expectancy, all of those air gaps will start to add up. Before you know it, you’re letting so much air inside that you may actually feel a soft breeze coming in from the windows.

You’re losing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. And, all of that air flow is making your furnace and air conditioner work more trying to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of your home. You know what that means! There go your utility bills, through the roof!

Replacing those old, drafty windows will significantly reduce your utility bills all year. In some cases, the reduction in energy usage can be so dramatic that the windows will pay for themselves in just a few months. But, you’ll be saving money on utilities for many years.

Repairs and Maintenance

Those beautiful, old windows may even be costing you money on repairs and maintenance around your home. Here are some of the ways that they can potentially cost your money.

  • HVAC Repairs: It only stands to reason that if your heating and cooling system is working harder and more often, it will need to be serviced sooner. HVAC repairs can be among some of the most expensive repairs that a homeowner can incur.
  • Water Damage: If the old windows have allowed water to get inside, there could be water damage to the window trim area or the walls around the windows. Or, even worse, mold and mildew can be growing in those damp areas. Repairing water damage can be very expensive, depending on how extensive it is.
  • Infestations: Ants, mice, cockroaches, you name it! You might be surprised at how small of an opening they can fit through. Fighting pest infestations is not a battle that is easily won. It’s also not one that you want to fight. New windows will solve this potentially expensive homeowner nightmare.

Your Home’s Value

New windows will make your home worth more money. And, the tax assessor won’t typically take this into account, so your property taxes usually won’t increase because of these types of home modifications. It’s obviously in your best interests when your home’s value increases.

  • If you plan on refinancing your home, new windows, along with any other major home improvements, will be considered when valuing your home.
  • And, if you ever plan to sell your home, newer energy-efficient windows will enable you to list your home for a higher price.
  • The financial benefits of having new windows in your home will also make it more attractive to potential buyers, making it sell quicker than if it still had the old windows. Time is money, right?

It really seems like a no-brainer when you think about. Not only will your home look better, but installing new high-efficiency windows will put more money in your pocket. And, if you really want to hang on to some of that old window charm, you can actually save a few of the sashes and use them for decorating. Then, you have the best of both worlds, energy-efficient windows to pad your bank account and ornate mementos to admire.

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