3 Must Do’s at a Costume Party

One of the funnest parties you can ever throw is a Halloween bash. There are just so many ideas you can come up with in order to make sure you and your friends are having the best time you possibly can. If you want to make sure that you are pulling off a great party, there are a couple of things you should always remember. There are some “must do’s” that you should pull off if you want to make sure people are talking about the party even days after everyone eventually goes home.

Deck the place out with plenty of decorations

It seems in this day and age, that there are some people who think it’s kind of “nerdy” to put up a ton of decorations. The opposite is actually the case. If you’re going to have a Halloween party, you should make sure your place looks the part. What exactly you want to decorate your house or apartment with is up to you and has to do with what kind of theme you want to do.

You can go for something incredibly spooky and scary if you want to try and really wig your friends out. It should be pointed out that especially on Halloween, just having a pitch black room can be plenty spooky. If you have guests who don’t know you’re home that are exploring, tell them there’s a room that they are not supposed to go into and then make sure the room is entirely black and they cannot see anything at all. This will allow you to get a really spooky look with spending a ton on that room.

You can also go with a more cartoonish decoration theme and your guests will love that you’ve put the effort in. Just make sure you have some kind of decorations. This is a Halloween party, it’s not just a Saturday night dinner party. Revel in the time of year.

Go with a food theme

Much like the decorations for your party, make sure the food celebrates that this is indeed a Halloween party. You can go with a kind of theme here where you can be looking for a certain kind of food, or you can have the food fall under one particular umbrella. This means maybe you are doing something like all the food that people would be eating if you were set in the universe of The Mummy. You can also have a themed party that simply makes sure all the food is candy based, or everything is cut into Halloween shapes.

People think that adult Halloween parties need to be serious and sophisticated. That defeats the purpose of having a party on Halloween. The running theme of all of these costume parties is that you need to make sure that they stand out as something other than just another party. The costumes are going to do the job to some degree, but making sure the food you eat isn’t just finger sandwiches, or cocktail wieners is important as well.

Come up with some fun games

Costume parties and Halloween parties are nothing if they aren’t kind of unique in that it shouldn’t be all about milling around and just having conversations. There’s something extra festive about these special kinds of parties. You need to come up with some games that go along with the fun.

One game that is kind of a go to in these scenarios is a contest. You can have everyone at the party vote on everyone else’s costumes and then eventually declare the winner. There are other games such as guessing who everyone is underneath the costumes or things like that. This will get people who might be a bit of a wall flower involved in the festivities and give everyone something to shoot for.

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