3 Signs Your Counter Tops Need to be Replaced

The counter tops in your home take a lot of wear and tear, no matter if they are in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the laundry area. Over time, this continuous wear will take its toll, leaving your counter tops looking worn out. At some point, you will need to make the decision to replace them. Is now the time to replace your counter tops?

Here are three signs that your counter tops have seen better days and it’s time to replace them.

1- They have Permanent Stains and Burn Marks.

It doesn’t matter what kind of material your current counter tops are made from. You are going to get staining at some point in the surface. Stains can come from an undetected leak in a bowl, from the wrong material being set down on the surface, or even from someone using a permanent marker in the wrong place. You try to clean it up, but that stain never seems to go away.

Burns are another potential eyesore on a counter top. You grab a hot skillet off the stove and set it down on the counter without thinking. Then, you realize the hot skillet has left a burn mark on the surface. And, again, there is no amount of cleaning that is going to remove that mark.

Permanent stains and burns can really make your counter tops look worn and old. Even if your kitchen cabinets are in great shape, that worn surface just brings the look of the entire kitchen down. Brand new counter tops are the answer.

2- They are Cracked or Eroding.

Laminate counter tops can last for decades with proper care. However, those on the cheaper side tend to start breaking down faster than others. You will see the first signs of that when chips and cracks begin to appear on the edge. Eventually, that cracking may spread and create permanent fissures all over the surface. The laminate surface can also start to erode, especially if you use a particular part of the counter top more than others. Eventually, the laminate will wear away and expose the wood down below.

Granite and other stone counter tops are resistant to cracking and erosion. However, it can happen. A heavy skillet slammed against a granite counter top can cause chipping or cracking, especially on the edges.

With either cracking or eroding, there are no repair options. It is definitely time to replace if either occurs.

3- They are Looking Outdated.

Home decor trends come and go just like they do in the fashion world. Your hunter green laminate counter tops might have looked hot and trendy back in the 1990s, but twenty years later they are old and outdated. It is definitely time for a replacement.

How can you tell if your counter tops are out of date? Color trends are some of the most obvious things to look for. Avocado green and burnt orange were trademarks of the 1970s and counters from that era definitely show this trend. Material combinations are another thing to look out for. Oak edging began to appear on laminate counter tops in the 1980s. It matched cabinets with the laminate/oak combination.

There are other times, of course, when it’s a good idea to replace your counter tops. If you want to give your kitchen a makeover, replacing the work surfaces can really transform the room’s appearance without the expense of replacing cabinets or rearranging the layout. This is a cost-effective option when you want to sell your home without putting a ton of money into upgrades.

Replacing your counter top is a smart investment into your kitchen’s functionality and your home’s value.

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