3 Simple Ways to Use Hat Apparel to Market your Company

3 Simple Ways to Use Hat Apparel to Market your Company

Using hat apparel is a great choice for marketing your company because whoever wears the hat becomes a walking billboard for your brand. A branded hat has a wide demographic potential since hats are worn by people of all ages and both genders.

Your first step is to design a high-quality hat that succinctly conveys your brand. The hat may carry your company’s logo, slogan, or both. The colors in the hat should be easy to match with most outfits. Now that you’ve created your branded hat, here are three ways to promote your business with it.

Get Celebrities to Wear Your Hat

The initial step of this strategy is to identify celebrities who get in front of your potential customers. Figuring out which celebrities to go after depends on the nature and scope of your business. If your company services a small geographic area, it makes sense to go after people who are well-known in that community such as the mayor, local news anchors, and popular local athletes.

However, businesses that are national or international scope should go after people who are known througout the nation or world. If you don’t happen to know any celebrities, you can still use this strategy. Forbes reported how an adolescent entrepreneur got top celebrities like Rihanna to wear his company’s hats by direct messaging them on Instagram. Your strategy doesn’t have to be limited to Instagram. You could reach out to celebrities using any social media platform.

A celebrity doesn’t have to be an entertainer, politician, or athlete. Social media influencers are celebrities who have large online followings. Your job is to find the social media influencers whose followers would be interested in your company. According to the Huffington Post, working with social media influencers to create a post around your promotional product also can increase your brand recognition.

Of course, your celebrity strategy doesn’t have to be digital. You could also mail your hat to your targeted celebrities with a letter of introduction. Getting celebrities to wear your hats takes persistence. You have to follow-up until you get your hat on the target’s head.

Have Your Employees Wear the Branded Hat

The branded hat should be part of every new hire’s welcome package. Companies who have uniformed employees should make the branded hat part of the uniform. Nonuniformed workers should be required to wear the hat when working in informal settings, such as corporate volunteer events, outdoor fairs, or the company picnic.

Use Hat Apparel to Thank Your Customers

While you may be tempted to give your hat to anyone who will take it, marketing efforts should always be focused on reaching your target audience. People who have already endorsed your company with a purchase are a natural target for your hat apparel marketing. It’s likely that your customers associate with people who are similar to themselves and would also be interested in what your company has to offer.

Giving your customers a branded hat shows your appreciation for their business. You could carryout this strategy in several ways. One way is to give a hat with every purchase. If you’re giving hats to every customer, you may want to do it for a limited time like the gift-giving season at the end of the year. Another way is to make the hat available with purchases above a certain dollar amount. A third method is to personalize the hat with the customer’s name and your brand. You may want to limit personalized hats to your best customers if the amount received in your typical purchase doesn’t justify the increased investment in personalized hats.

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