3 Strategies for Marketing with Postcards

3 Strategies for Marketing with Postcards

Despite all of the new marketing techniques that you can take advantage of, such as marketing your business on the World Wide Web and on the major social media sites, you shouldn’t forget about some of the more traditional marketing techniques that are out there. For example, sending out direct mail can still be quite effective. If you are going to market your business with the mail, you may want to make use of postcards to do so. These strategies can help you successfully market your business with postcards, even if you are new to this type of marketing technique.

1. Come Up With a Great Design

First of all, you should make sure that your postcards look great. After all, you want them to stand out to the people who take them out of their mailboxes after you mail them out. Luckily, many of the companies that sell custom postcards for business owners and marketing professionals like you provide a ton of options.

If you want standard postcards that you can send out any time of the year, you will probably want to avoid seasonal designs and colors. Instead, you may want to choose logos and colors that will advertise your business well all year long. You could even try a design that includes a coupon if you want to grab attention and further encourage people to try out your business.

Of course, you can also order different postcards with different designs for various times of the year or various occasions. You might want to send out seasonal postcards or birthday postcards, for example. Careful consideration will help you determine which direction is best for your company.

2. Keep Your Wording Short and Sweet

One of the beautiful things about using a postcard for marketing your business is the fact that it keeps things simple without being overwhelming. You probably don’t want to add too many words to your postcards. Instead, keep your message short and sweet while ensuring that you provide enough information to make your advertisement enticing. Then, you can help ensure that recipients actually read what is printed on your postcards without being overwhelmed or frustrated.

3. Send Out Plenty of Postcards

Once you come up with the right design for your postcards and once you learn how to keep your message short and sweet, it’s time to start sending out your postcards. You might find that your best strategy for marketing with postcards is sending out a lot of them. After all, the more that you send out, the more of a reach you will have. This can help you get even more results from sending your postcards out.

For example, when you first order your postcards, you might want to send them out to all of your current customers. If you have a list of people who have shown interest in your business in the past but who might not have purchased your products or services yet, you may want to send them postcards, too. Then, you can reach out to those who might just be interested in giving your business a try.

Later, you can try sending out postcards for various seasons and occasions. You may want to send a birthday postcard out to your customers on their birthdays, for example, or you may want to send out holiday postcards during the holiday season. Doing these things will help you keep your business in your customers’ minds, and it will show them that you care about them during the important times of their lives.


As you can see, there are so many strategies that you can use when marketing with postcards. Luckily, you can order postcards that are perfect for your business, no matter what type of design you might have in mind. You will probably also find that the postcards are pretty affordable, so you can implement this type of marketing campaign without spending a lot of money. Good luck, and happy designing!

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