3 Vital Reasons To Use A Tax Attorney When Facing Legal Problems

If there is one thing that puts fear in the hearts of people, it is realizing they have legal problems related to tax issues. When this happens and the IRS comes calling, many people have little if any idea what to do next. If they are smart, the first thing they will do is contact a tax attorney and hire their services as soon as possible. By doing so, they will immediately gain experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel for the most complex problems, which can bring tremendous peace of mind. If you find yourself facing legal problems related to your taxes, here are three vital reasons why you should use a tax attorney to guide you through this complex process.

Attorney-Client PrivilegeĀ 

When many people find they will be facing legal problems related to taxes, they often turn to a CPA for help. While this sounds logical, it can actually be one of the biggest mistakes you can make in these situations. Even if you used a certain CPA to prepare your taxes and think they should be the ones who can offer the most help, doing so can put you at great risk from a legal perspective. In most cases, the most damaging aspect of this strategy will be opening up the possibility of your CPA actually being made to testify against you in court or other hearings.

Rather than face this possibility, choosing instead to hire a tax attorney can give you attorney-client privilege. With this, you can be assured your attorney will be exempted from testifying against you. Along with this, you will have the freedom to discuss any and all details associated with your case, which can be crucial if you hope to win.

Experienced Legal AdviceĀ 

As anyone who has gone up against the IRS knows, this is one federal agency that means business when it comes to getting its money. Whether this means garnishing wages, placing liens on homes or businesses, seizing various assets, or other actions, the IRS can quickly turn your life upside down. Thus, if you choose to take them on alone or with a CPA or attorney who is inexperienced in these matters, the consequences will probably not be good. Rather than have your case go terribly wrong and then wonder what happened, it is best to hire a tax attorney who has a proven track record of success in handling IRS cases.

Since tax laws and codes are confusing and change annually, a tax attorney will be knowledgeable about these areas and can offer you sound advice on various details of your case. In addition, since it is likely the IRS will reject any initial offers to settle, your attorney will expect this and not panic. Instead, they will plan a strategy that will take this into account, enabling you to eventually reach a settlement that will not destroy you financially.

Criminal InvestigationsĀ 

If you are the target of an IRS criminal investigation, it is imperative you hire the services of the best tax attorney you can find as quickly as possible. In many of these situations, clients may have ignored letters or other warnings out of fear or simply in the hopes their case would get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, once the IRS has you on their radar, you are not going to drop off until your case is settled to their satisfaction. If your tax problems have gotten to the point where fines and prison sentences are a real possibility, having a tax attorney on your side can mean the difference between keeping your freedom or spending years in a prison cell.

By having this professional representation, your attorney can handle all communications with the IRS, assuring them you take the charges against you seriously and want to work to find a viable solution. Along with this, your attorney can represent you in court, at IRS hearings, and other meetings that will prove vital in allowing you to put this stressful matter behind you and move forward with your life.

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