4 Inspiring Advantages of Sharpening Your Mental Performance

Practicing on bettering your neuroplasticity (or mental performance) can substantially increase productivity and motivation levels. Here are 4 inspiring advantages of sharpening your mental performance so you can go out, work out your brain, and see results.

1. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Sharpening your mental performance not only yields results in cerebral tasks, but it increases motivation levels to work out your body. With this, you can kill two birds with one stone. In the process of sharpening your cognitive functions one of the strategies you could use is to try aerobic exercises. By doing cardio, not only are you promoting a healthy weight, heart, and lungs, but you’re also fomenting “exercise-induced neurogenesis” which is a process that increases spatial memory and gray matter volume. Sharpening your mind is a win/win where in the process of increasing mental performance, you’re also working out your body.

2. Shortcuts

Your brain functions in a lot of interesting ways, much like the internet. When increasing your mental performance, you are also creating connections between all of these skills. The more connections you have in your brain, the faster your performance. This is why it’s easier to remember facts, names, and locations through mnemonics. When you attempt to memorize long sequences of words or facts, your brain creates new connections to try and store these bits of information.

By creating tunes, acronyms, or relationships between these bits of information, you are creating connections or “hooks” that can turn into shortcuts. You can remember your own address or phone number simply because you have been exposed to this information with much frequency, and therefore there are highways in your brain that can access that information quickly. For example, if you learn calculus for the first time, your brain will try to make connections to remember the particular operation being done. Your brain will attempt to connect numbers to arithmetic, to algebra, and then to calculus in order to become familiarized with this new concept. The more connections you can make to any piece of information, the better and quicker your memory will be.

3. Reduces Distractions

Ever been presented with a mental task that needed to be done promptly but instead of focusing on performing the task your brain meandered into uncharted territory? Of course! It’s a given! Brains tend to be easily distracted by external stimuli which occurs when a brain is given a task that has not been cemented through practice. Since mental processes function through the use of connections, the brain’s energy takes the path of least resistance and goes into connections that have been fortified time and again. This is why when presented with a difficult mental task, your brain panics and goes to familiar places like catchy tunes and the like. However, by sharpening your skills at the given task by finding similarities between other tasks you have done, it becomes difficult to become distracted. Think about a task that you do without thinking, like tying your shoes. As a child, tying one’s shoes seemed like a difficult cerebral task but through fortification it became nearly impossible to perform inadequately. This concept goes the same for any task that may seem difficult to focus on.

4. Stress Relief

One of the greatest advantages of sharpening your mental performance can come through stress relief! Your brain is powerful enough to deal with stress and turn it into something productive. By changing your habits whenever you sense the uneasiness of stress you can actually rewire your brain to feel and react differently. By consistently performing a “feel good” task before confronting stress you can use it as a means to become more productive. By going out for a jog or mediating when confronting stressful situations you can reset your mind so that you can think of a solution to the problem and fix it without feeling the typical overbearing uneasiness stress typically brings. Sharpening your mind means being flexible enough to turn all unpleasant situations into opportunities to increase productivity.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an athlete, an artist, or someone competitive, sharpening your mental performance will give you an edge and do a number on the way your brain performs.

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