4 Lessons Taking Care of a Puppy Will Teach You

Cute puppies appeal to most people. These endearing clumsy creatures seem to encapsulate energy and enthusiasm. Yet caring for one of these pets on a daily basis offers some valuable life lessons. Consider just four useful items you’ll absorb by undertaking this responsibility:

1- Dogs Are Not People

One of the first lessons every puppy caretaker quickly learns involves an obvious truth: dogs and human beings belong to different species. Puppies do share some traits in common with young children. They benefit from sleeping and eating on regular schedules, and they do require vaccinations to protect them from a variety of contagious diseases. Like human beings, puppies must learn to control their bladder and bowel movements voluntarily. This ability does not occur naturally. Owners who desire fully housebroken pets must spend some time teaching puppies where to eliminate and helping them develop an appropriate housebreaking schedule. This task requires walking a puppy outdoors faithfully every 15 to 20 minutes after feeding.

Yet these energetic bundles of fur also display many distinctively canine capabilities and qualities. Dogs possess a vastly superior sense of smell, and they hear a broader spectrum of sounds. They can outrun most owners. Puppies also mature far more rapidly than human beings. By the time your new pet reaches the age of 6 months, he or she will have become the equivalent of an energetic young teenager. Training your pet to walk on a leash may prove lifesaving for the puppy. (It usually also becomes advisable to obtain neutering or spaying services unless you intend to keep your pet available for breeding.)

2- Puppies Get Muddy

Puppies invariably require frequent baths. With a keen sense of smell and boundless curiosity, they gravitate towards odors which disgust most dog owners: garbage, roadkill, mud, and feces. Their caretakers must establish ground rules for appropriate behavior in the house at an early age for this reason. If you don’t want your pup leaving paw prints on the sofa or attempting to steal your evening meal, you’ll want to establish consistent, firm limits at an early age.

Puppy caretakers must prepare to endure a certain level of unclean behavior during this period. Dogs possess a keen sense of smell, and they spend a portion of the day licking themselves. Puppies readily consume inedible items, so owners must exercise care to prevent them from attempting to eat things like cell phones, pennies and socks. Expect your pup to have a few housebreaking accidents during the learning curve period even when you succeed in providing consistent after-meal walks.

3- What Goes Around Comes Around

One profound lesson puppy raising conveys mirrors the teachings of some of the world’s wisest sages: your treatment of your puppy will come back to you many times over. Puppy caretakers who approach their charges with kindness and consistency ultimately tend to raise affectionate, loyal pets. Those who mistreat or neglect their puppies will sometimes produce adult dogs with severe behavioral problems.

Experts recommend never kicking a dog or striking it with your fists. While puppies do require discipline, placing them in a crate or other confined space for a “time out” or using a stern punitive tone of voice represent smarter options in most situations. You don’t want you pet cringing in fear or biting aggressively.

4- Puppies Must Learn Social Skills

Finally, taking care of a puppy reinforces the importance of social skills. Studies have shown the age at which a pup leaves the litter may prove critical. Left in the company of dogs exclusively too long, a puppy may not acclimate well to a human household. Taken away too early, the pup loses the ability to socialize well with other dogs.

canine obedience course holds many benefits in this area. It may assist you in training your pup. Your pet will also gain confidence obeying you in the presence of other dogs.

A Worthwhile Effort

Raising a puppy offers immense rewards. Caregivers enjoy an opportunity to cultivate a strong lifelong relationship with a loyal companion and ally. Well treated puppies become devoted pets. They supply unique, remarkable qualities to enhance daily life.

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