4 Signs It Is Time to Throw out Your Carpet

4 Signs It Is Time to Throw out Your Carpet

Carpets and rugs can make a welcome addition to almost any interior design scheme, provided they are well cared for and maintained. Older carpets that have faded colors or that have signs of visible wear can become a real eyesore. Older rugs and carpeting may also begin to collect dirt, dust and debris, all of which may create problems for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory ailments. While the installation of new carpeting or the purchase of a quality rug may not always be cheap, knowing when to throw out or replace an older carpet helps to ensure that older rugs and worn out carpeting are less likely to become a problem.

1. Faded Colors

Over time, all rugs and carpeting will begin to experience discoloration. Carpeting that has begun to yellow due to old age or colors that fade due to contact with cleaning products or prolonged exposure to sunlight can result in interior environments taking on a shabby or rundown appearance. Certain cleaning products and cleaning agents that are designed to remove stains and discoloration from carpeting could accelerate the discoloration process.

Even everyday foot traffic can result in faded colors as fibers that have suffered from abrasion and other forms of physical damage will begin to loose their luster. While discoloration is only a cosmetic issue, carpeting that has suffered from excessive fading or discoloration may begin to clash with the surrounding decor. Carpeting that is old enough to have suffered from extensive discoloration is also more likely to have visible signs of damage or contain dirt and dust in quantities that are high enough to cause problems. Replacing carpeting once the colors have faded past a certain point is often the best approach to take.

2. Visible Wear and Tear

Carpeting is often used for more than just a decorative accent. Carpets and rugs are a great way to protect tiling, hardwoods and other flooring materials from harm, especially in rooms and areas that see a lot of foot traffic. Rugs that have begun to wear out and carpets that have taken on a threadbare appearance may be unable to provide the same level of protection that homeowners have come to expect. While patching or repairing small sections of a rug or carpet that have been damaged can be worthwhile, it may be better to simply replace carpets that have begun to wear out complete.

3. Decreased Indoor Air Quality

Carpets and rugs consist of countless fibers that have been attached or woven to a supportive mat at the base. Dust, plant pollen and even animal hair from pets that has fallen onto a carpet may become lodged along the base of the fibers. While routine cleaning and periodic vacuuming does make an important difference, such efforts are rarely able to remove all of the debris completely. Dust and debris will begin to form deposits over time and these deposits could begin to negatively impact indoor air quality.

Even shampooing older carpeting may not be able to completely remove all of the dirt, dust and debris. Older carpeting can often be the source of foul odors. Household occupants that suffer from asthma, allergies to pets or pollen and other respiratory conditions which makes them more susceptible to poor air quality can be especially problematic. Carpeting that remains dusty or that continues to smell strongly of dust or pet odors despite frequent vacuuming or even shampooing may need to be thrown out or replaced. Older carpets that have become too difficult to clean and maintain could end up being more trouble than they are worth.

4. Interior Decorating, Home Upgrades and Renovation Projects

Pulling up and replacing existing carpeting is a great way to get the most out of an interior renovation. A throw or accent rug can help to protect hardwood or tile flooring while wall-to-wall carpeting can provide a room with a cozier look and feel. Throwing out older carpeting in order to better accommodate a new look or interior design scheme means that homeowners can work without limitations during their next renovation project. Even carpeting that is still in good shape may be worth replacing rather than allowing it to clash with the upgraded decor.

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