5 Easy Tips For Staging Your House To Sell Quickly

The process of staging a home is designed for making rooms look more attractive, cleaner and larger. You can hire professionals to stage your home for you, but there are also quick ways to perform the staging tasks on your own. Here are five ways to stage your home quickly.

1- Work On the Exterior Landscaping

Begin outside your home by improving the landscaping. Carry a trash bag with you to pick up the debris that has blown onto the lawns. Throw away soft drink cans and food containers. Use a rake to collect tree branches from your property’s landscaping. Sweep away the dirt from the sidewalk and driveway to give a home’s landscaping a top-notch appearance. Check your home’s landscaping for problems such as insects or wildlife to eliminate these problems. Visit a gardening store to buy flowers to plant around the trees or along the pathways.

2- Clean the Outside of a Home

You may not notice the dirt on the outside of your home, but potential buyers will see debris such as cobwebs and moss. Use a garden hose or a power-washing device to remove the debris from a home’s siding materials. In addition, you may need to climb on a ladder to rinse the leaves and bird’s nests from a home’s rain gutters. Make sure to clean the front porch, doorways and decks of a home to create a spotless appearance. In addition, clean the glass panes on windows to remove any dirt. After a home’s front porch is cleaner, hang an attractive wreath on the door or place potted plants near the doorway.

3- Remove Clutter From the Inside of a Home

You can make a home look more spacious quickly by eliminating clutter. Get rid of as many items as possible to make spaces look cleaner and larger. Place similar items such as books and CDs together to give a living room a cohesive appearance. In the kitchen and bathrooms, you want to eliminate clutter so that potential buyers can see inside cabinets and drawers. Don’t store numerous items on the countertops in a bathroom or kitchen because it makes the rooms look smaller. If you don’t have enough space in a home to store things neatly, then rent a nearby storage unit with a short-term lease.

4- Scrub Every Surface In Your Home

Potential buyers will inspect every surface inside your home to find dirt. Scrub all of the walls, ceilings and floors inside a home to make it spotless. Make sure to use a cleanser that gives a home a pleasant scent. Some of the most welcoming fragrances inside a home include citrus odors such as lemon or orange, but in the autumn, you might want to use an apple or cinnamon essential oil instead. Make sure to clean the areas in a home that are seldom used, including the storage closets, basement and garage. Shampoo the carpets in your home to remove deep debris and pet stains.

5- Rearrange the Furniture In Each Room

Make sure to rearrange the furniture in each room so that potential buyers can open the draperies to see the details of a space. If a living room has a fireplace, then create a seating area around it. In bedrooms, make it easier for the potential buyer to look inside closets by rearranging the larger pieces of furniture. Don’t put furniture in front of windows because the potential buyer will want to see the view outside of a home from different angles. Create pathways in a home by placing furniture away from the doorways so that several people can walk through a room at one time.

A Home With Proper Staging Will Receive Faster and Higher Offers

Research reveals that by staging a home properly, it is possible to increase the price of the property. A home that looks clean on the outside and inside is more desirable because it means that the new buyer can move in quickly without needing to shampoo carpets or wash windows.

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