5 Grilling Safety Tips for the Summer

Grilling is a fun way to cook in the summertime. With a hot grill and fresh food, anyone can create a delicious dish to satisfy family and friends. Just like cooking inside, grilling has some important safety requirements. Food safety must be observed, and caution must be taken with the fire or gas grill. With our five easy grilling safety tips, you will be able to create meals that your family will enjoy without having any problems with injuries or illness.

1. Food Safety

The first requirement of grilling is ensuring that the food you are going to cook is fresh and safe. Meat, fish, and poultry are the ingredients with the most concern. When you select meat and fish at the grocery store, check it for freshness. Make sure it has been wrapped appropriately. Keep raw meat separated from other items in your grocery cart, and add it to your cart right before checking out.

It’s important that meats be kept refrigerated until it is time to grill them. Refrigerated food should be kept at 40 degrees F or lower. When you take your meat out to grill it, make sure you don’t cross-contaminate plates or utensils used to cook raw foods and cooked foods. This is an essential tip that will prevent your family from getting sick from foodborne diseases.

2. Keep Children and Pets Away

This may seem obvious, but too many people do not keep their children and pets far enough from the grill or fire. Children can be severely burned if they come into contact with the grill. Make sure children and their toys stay at least ten feet away from the grill, and send them indoors if it becomes a problem.

Not only children, but also pets can be injured if they get too close to a grill. Dogs are often tempted to take food off the grill. They should be restrained or kept inside.

3. Be Careful with Propane

Safely grilling with propane gas can be an intimidating process when you are just getting started. Check around your grill and remove any flammable objects. Also, do not place any gas-powered outdoor equipment anywhere near your grill. It is best that gas and charcoal grills be placed on concrete patios away from the house, not on decks attached to the house or on grassy areas.

First, make sure you transport the gas canister safely. When you connect the gas canister to the grill, make sure the valves are tight. When lighting the gas, either use an electric starter or use a long match to prevent you from getting too close to the flame. Be sure to use grilling tongs and mitts to prevent burns.

Do not keep flammable objects such as towels or paper products on the side table of your grill. If you need storage space outdoors, it is safest to set up another table which is not connected to the grill itself.

4. Watch Out for Grill Brushes

Metal grill brushes must be maintained carefully. It is possible that bristles can detach and make their way into your food. This is extremely dangerous and can cause internal injuries. If you have a metal grill brush, be sure to bring it inside or store it in a covered area to prevent any rust from forming and keep the bristles in the best possible shape. Replace grill brushes frequently to avoid any problems.

5. Refrigerate Leftovers Promptly

All too often, grilled food is left out on the table and refrigerated later. It’s important that grilled food be refrigerated promptly to keep dangerous bacteria from growing. Let the meat cool to room temperature, then wrap it well or place it in a plastic bag or container. Refrigerate the meat as soon as possible.

With our easy tips, you can enjoy grilling in the summer without worry. Enjoy creating delicious food for your friends and family.

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