5 Reasons Everyone Needs to Have Dental Insurance

Health insurance is a big topic of conversation in the United States these days, but you don’t often hear people discussing dental insurance. If you’re thinking about purchasing dental insurance for yourself and your family, you might be wondering if it’s worth the cost.

Dental insurance works differently than regular health insurance. Dental plans typically allow a set amount of spending each year, and if your dental needs require additional appointments, you’ll be expected to pay out of pocket. However, if you follow your dentist’s recommendations and stick to your cleaning and exam schedule, you should be able to keep your costs down and ensure coverage is available in case of a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth. Most Americans don’t have enough in savings to cover the cost of major emergencies, so unless you’re the exception, insurance is something you’ll want to seriously consider.

1. The Emergency Room Isn’t the Best Option

If you don’t have dental insurance or an emergency savings fund, you might be left with no other option than visiting the emergency room when something goes wrong with your teeth. The emergency room always accepts patients who are suffering from a health problem. Even if you’re unable to pay upfront, you’ll still be treated. However, relying on the emergency room for general health issues or dental problems is a bad idea.

Since emergency rooms were designed to serve people in need of immediate medical treatment for severe health issues or injuries, visiting for minor health or dental problems slows everything down and makes things harder for doctors and nurses. It’s also very expensive to visit the emergency room, and hospitals don’t handle any major dental work. The doctors at the emergency room can prescribe antibiotics for an abscessed tooth or other acute issues, but you’ll still most likely be given a referral to a local dentist for further treatment.

2. A Person’s Smile is Important

If something major goes wrong with your mouth, such as getting into an accident and losing a few teeth, you won’t want to suffer without a solution. Your smile is a big part of who you are, and you won’t be able to face your personal and professional life as easily if it’s damaged. Having dental insurance provides peace of mind. If anything major happens, you’ll be able to handle it right away.

3. Dental Health is Linked to Overall Health

Another important reason to make dental insurance a priority is that it affects your overall health. You might assume that if you neglect your dental appointments, the worst that can happen is possibly losing your teeth at some point. While losing your teeth is certainly not an issue you should make light of, there is an even greater concern.

Research suggests that the overgrowth of bacteria and spread of inflammation associated with severe gum disease could possibly play a role in other serious health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. If you care about your overall health and well-being, dental insurance could be a wonderful investment.

4. Pain Related to Dental Problems Can Be Severe

Along with the emotional discomfort of having a damaged smile, you might simply be in severe pain. Dental problems can cause throbbing pain. It might be difficult to eat or talk normally. You don’t want to be worrying about money at a time like this, so dental insurance could be a good option.

5. You’ll Solve Problems Before They Begin

Most insurance plans cover two yearly exams, cleanings and diagnostic tests. By staying on top of these appointments and following through with any recommendations made by your dentist, you’ll avoid serious tooth and gum issues in the future, sparing you suffering and high costs.

As you can see, having dental insurance is a good option for anyone who is concerned with their dental health and overall well-being. If you spend some time researching plans, you’ll find something that works for your budget and provides the amount of coverage suitable for your needs.

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