5 Reasons Your Company Needs Promotional Products

Promotional products are an important piece of the marketing campaign puzzle. The greater they are functionally, the more likely that the product will be incorporated into the life of the recipient. And when a product is used with your brand on it, your information continually is brought to the attention of the recipient.

1. Can help your business grow.

Growing your business using functional promotional items has a lot of power and it is an important part of a company’s marketing mix. Available statistics show that using promotional products increases a company’s revenue by 40% and more.

Not only can it lead to direct purchases, but can also lead to referrals. If your recipient is pleased with your product or services, they will refer them to others. Thus, word-of-mouth marketing can be a direct result of promotional materials.

2. Great brand recognition.

Millions are spent every year on marketing campaigns in an effort to make the product known and convert that brand knowledge into sales. Ads on radio, television, print media, social media and other forms or marketing contribute to the vast ways that companies publish their brand names. These promotional products have a great impact on the brand recognition and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. It continues to grow and reinvent itself so as to extend this trend well into the future. And, there’s a great reason why.

The reason promotional products work well is that they keep your business name in front of them. The greater functionality they have to the life of the receiver, the more likely they are to use the product and continually keep your contact information within sight.

So, if a podiatrist has a sticky note pad in the form of a foot with your company’s contact information, you are advertising your business to him on a daily basis if he uses that promo item. So, the next time that he needs paper floor mats for his patients, he will immediately know who to call. In these instances, promotional materials work very well towards closing a sale.

You could give him a business card. However, with absolutely no practical functionality and 100 cards already in his office, what is the chance that he will easily find your business? It may just get lost in the shuffle. Promotional materials work best when they are in front of the customer.

3. Generates Goodwill

Free stuff that people can use makes them happy. It puts the giver in a favorable light in the eyes of the recipient. A small gesture can go a long way in the realm of marketing strategies that create goodwill and lead to business. Those pens, notepads, coffee mugs, water bottles, caps, sunshades and a myriad of other items keep your name in front of the receiver. These are widely-used items and they offer great practical functionality.

Some of these products are durable and last a long time. Therefore, the customer or potential customer can use these products for a long time. Think of a coffee mug, for example. It can last a long time and may be used on a daily basis. Thus, if your name is on a daily-used item, those customers think of your business often. And, it makes customers feel appreciated.

4. Continual Advertising

Promotional gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. Your business in receiving constant advertisement every time your product is used or worn. How many times a day do we see clothing or handbags or shoes with logos on them? When someone wears your brand on his clothing, he is a walking advertisement for your business. It goes back to the functionality of the product for those who received the promotional item. If they use it, somewhere your business in being advertised. Obviously, the goal is to turn that ad into a sales opportunity because promotional items give a more favorable opinion of the donor of the promotional products over its competitors.

5. Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

You can always spend thousands of dollars on expensive television and radio ads to grow your brand. However, promotional gifts offer a much lower and cost-effective way of achieving the same objective. Promotional materials are often small and don’t cost as much. There are thousands of businesses that sell promotional materials and often have discounts for larger orders.

With the five benefits of promotional products listed here, they should always be a part of a strong marketing campaign. If all goes as planned, those great writing pens bearing your brand are hard at work everyday keeping your business name front and center in the thoughts of your customers

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