5 Smart Reasons to Use a Helper for Someone With Dementia

Dementia is an incurable disease that impacts millions of individuals throughout the US alone each year. Unfortunately, without a cure, patients eventually succumb to the disease based on its progression and the type of treatment they have received throughout their diagnosis. Understanding why it is smart to hire a helper or caregiver if you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia is a way to find relief while ensuring your loved one is cared for at all times.

Caring for an Individual With Dementia is Mentally Taxing and Draining

One of the biggest reasons to consider hiring a helper or a professional caregiver when you have a friend or a relative who has been diagnosed with dementia is to minimize the emotional and mental drain involved in the process. Patients with early-onset or advanced dementia may quickly begin to forget everyday tasks, names, or important responsibilities, lending to the stress of anyone caring for them, especially if they are inexperienced in the field of caregiving. As dementia continues to progress and symptoms worsen, the emotional and mental burden can quickly become overwhelming or nearly impossible to cope with, especially if you are also struggling to maintain a balance in your everyday life outside of caring for your friend or loved one.

Maintain a Positive Relationship With Your Friend or Loved One

A professional caregiver often works as a buffer between a patient and their circle of family members and friends. When maintaining a positive and healthy relationship is a priority to you and your loved one struggling with dementia, hiring a caregiver is highly advisable. A professional caregiver helps to alleviate relationship stress and strain that is often triggered due to the manifestation of various symptoms and signs that are closely linked with dementia.

Prevent an Emotional Breakdown

Living as a caregiver while also attempting to work and maintain your everyday life can quickly become overwhelming, leading to an emotional or mental breakdown if you are not also looking out for your own health and well being. Hiring a professional caregiver is a way to ensure you are not at risk for an emotional breakdown yourself, especially as the disease continues to progress and worsen in your loved one’s life. Seeing your loved one struggle with a debilitating disease such as dementia is hard enough without the help of a professional caregiver. When you have a caregiver by your side, learn how to strike a balance in your work, home, and family life to avoid experiencing a breakdown or a burnout on your own.

Caregivers Are Professionally Trained and Certified

Caregivers who specialize in providing care for patients with dementia are trained, certified, insured, and bonded with the organization they work for and represent. All caregivers must undergo extensive background and criminal history checks before they are legally able to provide caregiving services to those in need. One of the best reasons to hire a certified caregiver is the stress relief you are likely to feel once you are not on call 24/7.

Caregivers Understand Even the Most Challenging Cases

Caregivers who are trained to work with patients who suffer from dementia are prepared to take on even the most challenging cases they are presented with while on the job. Even if your loved one’s case of dementia is progressing much faster than originally anticipated, it is extremely helpful to have a professional caregiver nearby at all times. Caregivers are well-versed in treating various manifestations of dementia and can help even in the most trying times, regardless of their patient’s age and the progression of their disease. Working together with a caregiver who is trained in assisting dementia patients is also another way to gain valuable insight into how to better help your loved one whenever they are in need.

While understanding dementia and how to care for dementia patients is not always easy or simplistic, hiring a professional caregiver is one way to learn more without adding to the stress of your everyday life. With the right caregiver available to help your loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia, gain peace of mind while maintaining a positive relationship with one another as you continue to offer your mental and emotional support.

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