5 Steps for Organizing Your Jewelry and Accessories

If you own jewelry, you know how important it is to get and stay organized. In order to find the best, most appropriate jewelry for every and any occasion, organization is key. Right before rushing out the door, the last thing anyone wants to do is embark on a hunt for an item that you know you have somewhere but cannot seem to find anywhere.

Often times, we want our jewelry to be coordinated with our clothing choices, both in color and style. That’s why getting and staying organized is so important.

Here are five steps you can take to organize your jewelry and accessories so the next time you are in need of that “perfect pair of earrings” or bracelet, you can go straight to them without hunting through a massive pile of tangled necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings, or earrings.

1. Take inventory.

When looking at everything you own, remember to unpack any items you have that may be stored in travel containers from your last trip out of town. Keep what you like, discard or fix broken items, and give away any and all jewelry and accessories that are still usable but are no longer ones that match your current style or your current wardrobe. Spread the jewelry love to friends and family members that may cherish and actually wear your items more than you currently do. Remember that pawn shops and resale stores may love to take these items off your hands as well. You might be surprised at what you can sell.

2. Sort and separate the various types of items you have.

You can consider categorizing your jewelry into types of metals, like gold, silver, rose gold, beads, etc. Or you may want to create categories based on formal jewelry, casual jewelry, delicate pieces, chunky items, etc. Choose categories that work best for your lifestyle and preferences. Ask yourself if you usually are looking to coordinate or match colors of jewelry to your clothing colors or if you prefer to coordinate types of items with types of clothing outfits.

3. Look for containers or dishes you have around your home to organize your jewelry.

An eclectic variety of formal dishes may look great and be very functional. You may like using saucers and teacups to create an interesting arrangement for holding your most treasured items. Or invest in store-bought items like lined boxes, clear, stackable boxes, hooks for hanging, drawers, ring holders, tree-like necklace holders, and sculptural bust forms. Be open minded and creative when deciding what to house your accessories in. You can even find organizing pieces at your local dollar store or in the bead section of your arts and craft store.

4. Find a place in your bedroom, bathroom, or on your vanity to display or store your organized jewelry trays, lined boxes, necklace/bracelet trees, ceramic boxes, or necklace busts.

Make sure you choose a spot that’s easily accessible and convenient for you to get in and out of everyday. You can display some of your most treasured items if you have a little extra space. Otherwise, find an area that’s easy to access and store your organized accessories. Some will prefer to store their boxes and trays inside dresser drawers, atop a dresser, or beside a makeup mirror or vanity.

5. Commit to putting whatever jewelry or accessory that you wear any given day back in it’s devoted space.

This way you will remain organized and you will look forward to designing your clothing choices with your accessories the following day. The process of getting organized will push you to pare down your choices if you have too many. It will also encourage you to think about your style and seek out more of what you like while getting rid of what you don’t.

After getting organized, you may want to take photos of what you have with a digital camera. This may come in handy in the future if anything comes up missing. Particularly if you have any expensive jewelry that may need to be replaced by insurance.

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