5 Tips for Finding Your Car in the World’s Largest Parking Lots

5 Tips for Finding Your Car in the World’s Largest Parking Lots

When it comes to finding your car in a parking lot, it can seem difficult even in the smallest lots. When you find yourself at one of the world’s largest parking lots, you can be looking through over 20,000 parking spaces. Without knowing the direction of where your car is parked, you’ll be spending all day trying to find it. Here are some helpful tips to eliminate your troubles and allow you to easily find your car.

Look For Space Numbers / Areas

The builders of the world’s largest parking lots know that remembering where you parked is an easy issue to have. For this reason, they tend to put some sort of numbering system or area lettering so that you can easily find your car. When you get out of your car, look for signs. For example, most parking garages will have floor levels and up or down markers. This way, you can take the elevator or stairs to that section. The same holds true for parking lots. You should be able to find a section number or letter in which you can follow signs later to get back to the section where your car is parked.

Hit The Panic Alarm

When you really can’t find your car in that big parking lot, simply do the good old method of hitting the panic alarm. Sure, it may be annoying for those who are around your car, but it will help you find it. Realize that you’ll need to be within the general vicinity of your car for this to work. Most car keyfobs have a working radius of anywhere between 15 to 50 feet. It’s working distance depends on your car manufacturer and the power of your keyfobs battery.

Take Pictures Of The Surrounding Area

We all tend to carry around smartphones these days. Whip your smartphone out and take some pictures or even a video of where you parked. Be sure to get as many landmarks as possible, such as a cart rack, a store name, a sign, and so forth. You can easily refer back to these pictures or videos later to discover just where your car is parked. Plus, if you’re still having trouble trying to find your car later, you can always show the video or pictures to a security guard who can possibly identify the area where your car is parked with ease.

Remember Unique Cars

This method is perfect for those who don’t have a smartphone or advanced car features like a keyfob. When you get out of your vehicle, take a moment to memorize your surroundings. Look for unique vehicles that are obvious to spot from miles away. These could be things like wild paint colors of bright yellows, oranges, or greens. You can notice a jacked-up truck in the row across from you that sticks up far over all the other cars. Be sure to draw your attention and memory to a few different unique vehicles. This way, if any of the vehicles leave, you still have other ones to go off of.

Add a Unique Identifier to Your Car

If you want to make finding your car a breeze, then simply put a unique identifier on it. This could be a large flag that you attach to the antenna or ball hitch. You don’t have to leave this unique identifier on your car all the time. Rather, you can stow it in your trunk and pull it out for occasions just like this where you need to be able to find your car in a large parking lot. Try to make your identifier light up if it’s going to be night when you arrive back outside.



Finding your car in one of the world’s largest parking lots can seem overwhelming at first. By having a game plan, you can park your car knowing that you have full confidence in being able to find it. The above five methods will help to ensure that you find your car without a problem no matter where you park.

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