5 Tips for Having a Devotion Time Each Day

Finding time each day to spend with your devotional is difficult for many. Life is hectic and chaotic, and it’s not always easy to find a few minutes to devote your time to studying the Bible and spending time with Jesus. The thing about daily devotional is that it’s a privilege. It’s time you get to spend with your Bible and your faith, and finding time for it is a priority. If you’re focusing on time each day for devotional, there are a few tips that might help you make it more fulfilling and simpler.

Start Early

The best time each day to devote your time to the Lord is in the morning. It’s not the only time, of course, but there is something so special about spending some time being quiet and focusing on devotionals in the morning. It’s a good start to any day, and it can help you focus on what’s important in life at the start of the day. It sets your mood on the right track, it puts you at ease, and it helps you focus on what is really important in your life.

Set A Timeframe

If you don’t have a half hour every morning to spend with your devotional, you don’t need to spend a half hour on it. You can devote 10 to 15 minutes if that’s all you have. If you have more time, spend more time. All you must do is be sure you have some time to spend on devotions, and this is a helpful tool. Rather than focusing on how little time you have, focus on making that time as productive as possible. You might only have 10 minutes one day, but you can make it a good 10 minutes.

Find Quiet

This often means waiting until the kids go to bed or waking up before them in the morning, and that’s what many people do. You must have quiet during your devotionals. It’s not easy to focus when you’re distracted, and that takes away from your experience. If you must, set your alarm earlier each day so you have that time prior to the kids waking up and the rest of the world turning on their lights to focus on what’s important to you about your faith. Quiet time helps you meditate while you devote your time to God.

Look for the Right Bible Study

Devotional time is easier when you have a plan. One thing you can do to make your time more productive is download an app for finding Bible studies or follow along with your church’s current sermon series. Are you focused right now Peter and how he is faithful yet flawed at your church? If so, focus on reading and studying Peter so you have a deeper understand of the sermon when you attend church on Sundays. If you have an app with a study, follow along. Take notes, and be sure you’re spending time helping yourself learn.


If you’re spending time in devotional each day, you’re spending time in prayer. It’s important. Many people forget that praying is something they can do anytime. It’s not just a before bed habit or something you do when you feel that life is falling apart around you. It’s what you do when you are thankful and grateful. It’s what you do when you feel the need. It’s what you do when someone needs you. Spending time in prayer as you spend time in devotional every day is helpful, and it allows you to focus more clearly and bring yourself closer to God in a way that helps your faith grow.

Your devotional is important. Finding the time is important. Making the most of your time with God each day is even more important. If you find you’re distracted, focused on the wrong things, or not quite sure where to devote your time each day, you might find your time in devotional is lacking. It’s not quality time so much as forced time you’re getting little out of. There is no right or wrong way to spend time in devotional each day, but there is a way you can make it more productive and better for you.

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