6 Easy Ways To Step Up Your School’s Red Ribbon Week

When Red Ribbon Week rolls around at a school each year, it is not only a time when staff and students get excited, but it also provides a way to bring attention to certain topics, such as bullying and drug use. As with most important topics, it can sometimes be tough to find new and creative ways to get your message across to those who need to hear it most. Because of this, schools are coming up with more and more innovative and fun ways to spread the messages associated with Red Ribbon Week. If you are ready to take your school’s Red Ribbon Week to the next level, here are some great ways to do so.

1- Celebrity Drug Prevention Program

If you really want to get the attention of students, use celebrities to help spread the messages associated with Red Ribbon Week. By working with a group called Natural High, it’s possible to not only have access to a large collection of free celebrity videos to use in your classroom, but also possibly arrange for celebrities or pro athletes to visit your school for a motivational speech. More details about this can be found here.

2- Plan a Celebration Day

To get students and staff truly involved in Red Ribbon Week, plan a Celebration Day. There are many examples of this, such as Wear Red Day, Shade Out Drugs Day (everyone wears sunglasses), or perhaps Put a Cap on Drugs Day (everyone wears a red hat to school). While these are great examples, always feel free to get creative and come up with your own fun ideas. More information about celebration days can be found here.

3- Red Ribbon Photo Contest

With everyone loving to take selfies in today’s world, a Red Ribbon Photo Contest is a natural way to get kids and staff excited about Red Ribbon Week. By partnering with the national Red Ribbon Week organization, many schools can enter contests where the student or staff member who has the winning photo wins an iPad, and the winning school receives as much as $1,000.

4- Red Ribbon Walk-a-Thon

Along with wanting to get kids more aware of the dangers associated with bullying and drug use, a Red Ribbon Walk-a-Thon will also be a great way to incorporate physical fitness into the week as well. By planning a Walk Out On Drugs Walk-a-Thon, students and staff can get pledges from family and friends for each mile they walk, with the money being donated to the school. A great activity that will get the entire community involved, chances are this type of activity will also gain coverage on the local news, helping to spread your message to even more people.

5- Red Ribbon Week Meals

If you really want to get creative and capture the attention of students, have a special week of Red Ribbon meals. With this activity, schools can work with their food service departments to have all meals served during that week be done so using red-colored foods. Of course, all meals will also be extremely healthy, but the special red coloring added to certain foods is sure to get the attention of students each day. Along with spreading an important message, this activity may also encourage more kids to eat healthy meals that week, since they will be curious as to which foods each day are colored red.

6- Community Red Ribbon Week

Since preventing bullying and drug use is a topic everyone within a community should be concerned about each day, planning a Community Red Ribbon Week is a great idea. To get started, it’s best to contact local government officials, such as the mayor or head of a school board. Once you’ve done this and have everyone on board with your plan, the sky is the limit as to what activities can be done. One of the most popular with communities is having a Red Ribbon Week Parade, which can involve kids from local schools, marching bands, first responders, and many others. And if possible, have the parade begin and end at a local school.

By using these and many other ideas, there is no doubt Red Ribbon Week will be a great success.

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