6 Important Tips for Maintaining Your Clothes

The average price paid for a pair of blue jeans in the U.S. is less than $50, but the average family spends just over $1,700 annually for clothing items. There is little question we all want clothing to last as long as possible, giving us more bang for our buck. The problem is many of us don’t understand the essential tips for maintaining our clothes. That’s no longer a concern, since using the six tips below help better maintain your clothes.

1. Purchase Quality Clothing

Start the quest for longevity by investing in quality clothing. Although filling your closet with Gucci or other expensive names isn’t necessary, choosing quality clothing is important. Spend a little more for worthy names. You’ll replace clothing less often, and since they won’t go out of style every season, staying trendy is simple, even when there is a budget in place.

2. Laundering 101

Read garment labels. They’re far more than a decoration on your clothing. They give special care instructions and information that you should follow to protect that item. Additionally, invest in quality laundry care products such as washing powder and dryer sheets, which contain less abrasive ingredients than cheaper brands. A few additional laundry care tips include:

  • Wash dark-colored clothing turned inside out.
  • Use both a clothes dryer and a clothesline or drying rack to dry clothing. Place any special fabrics on the clothesline/dry rack rather than in the dryer to minimize damage.
  • Wash clothing with metal (zippers, buttons, etc.) separate from other items. The metal pieces can heat up and melt into other clothing.
  • Wash clothes less often. All of the shaking, tumbling, and otherwise, disturbance of the materials in the washing machine causes wear and tear, as will the drying process.

3. Good Hygiene

Good hygiene may seem unimportant to clothing but it certainly impacts its appearance and longevity. Practice daily grooming habits, such as showering and wearing deodorant, to prevent staining, odors, and other problems that are easily avoided by proper grooming habits.

4. Rotate Clothing

We all have our favorite pieces of clothing that we tend to wear more often than others. This wears out the piece faster, however. Rotate your clothing so no two items are worn more than the next -and to ensure those favorites are available for much longer.

5. What are Your Clothing Storage Habits?

Storage habits affect the longevity of clothing, whether placing items in a dresser, a closet or another storage solution. Improper storage causes fading, piling, and other problems that cause the need to toss the item much sooner than you would if it was stored appropriately. Improve storage habits by using quality hangers, zipping zippers, buttoning buttons, and folding sweaters and bulky items in half. These tips are a few storage habits that minimize the damage to your clothing. Take time to use proper clothing storage habits and do more to protect your clothes!

6. Adjust the Dryer Settings

The dryer dries freshly laundered garments so they’re ready-to-wear, but they also damage the fibers in clothing, depleting its appeal and lifetime. Check dryer settings and configure temperatures and other routines that minimize the wear and tear caused to the clothing. If setting adjustment isn’t possible, take the clothes out of the dryer 15-minute earlier than usual and hang dry using a clothes hanger to finish the drying process.

The six clothing care tips above prolong the lifetime of your clothing and minimize wear and tear. Protect your budget by following these tips and others. No matter how many members are in your family, clothing costs quickly add up to a hefty amount. When you follow the care tips above, it saves you a lot of money, time and worry since you enjoy longer wear from each piece of clothing you buy.

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