6 Landscaping Tips for Summer Weather

Now that summer is here, it’s time to start planning your lawn landscaping to ensure an immaculate appearance even through the overbearing heat the days and nights bring. There are numerous steps that prevent damage to your lawn and add a great ‘summer glow’ everyone in the neighborhood will appreciate. Utilize the six summer landscaping tips below to ensure your lawn is one that turns heads.

Fight Off Pests Now

Grubs are a common summer pest that usually hatches near the mid-summer, just when you’re comfortable. Grubs and other summer lawn pests (June bugs, beetles, etc.) can ruin a lawn quickly, so treat them before a problem develops. Be sure to also treat the lawn for mosquitoes, since this summertime pest is one that aggravates many people who live in humid climates.

Let’s Get Colorful

Blossoms of red, yellow, lavender, pink and other brilliant colors make the summer all that more spectacular. Line the garden, the patio, porch, and the driveway with flowers and hang a few baskets in conspicuous places, too. There are dozens of types of flower species that can give your lawn character and create a more warm and inviting environment. Choose your favorite and invite the beautiful colors inside the home.

Deep Water the Lawn

If you do not water the lawn, the grass will burn, turn yellow, and face a slew of additional signs of bad health that can ruin the overall appearance of your home’s exterior. As a general rule of thumb, the lawn needs about ½ inch of water each week to penetrate each blade of grass. Deep, infrequent watering help penetrate the soil so it stays extra moisturized when summer droughts are at their toughest.

Add Exterior Lighting

When the summer heat swings through, you’ll want to spend a lot of time outdoors, preferably entertaining and enjoying the company of friends and family. Make sure lighting is available on the deck or patio so the evening doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Lighting paves the way to the fun that you want to enjoy when the summer rolls around. An attractive array of landscape lighting is available to accommodate all budgets and styles.

Add a Gazebo

A gazebo is an attractive addition to any landscape. It is a great summertime playtoy that can help you enjoy picnics, BBQs, and other relaxing times outdoors without the sun beating down on your to disrupt the festivities. Gazebos are available in assorted sizes and styles and while they’re the perfect summer addition, can also be used in the spring and fall, too. Every homeowner enjoys a gazebo on their property.

Fertilize the Lawn

Your lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood with proper care measures taken to ensure that it looks its best. Along with watering the lawn and treating against grubs and other pests, you can also go the extra mile to keep your lawn looking great by fertilizing regularly. It is best to fertilize the lawn every four to five weeks for best results. While fertilizing, be sure to reseed as necessary.

Nothing is more exciting than a lawn that turns heads and leaves everyone who sees it in awe. The six summer landscaping tips above can help you create a lavish lawn and landscaping that the neighborhood envies and that you adore. It is not difficult to keep your home’s exterior looking great from the start of summer until the end if you’re willing to use this information to your advantage. Why not keep your home looking great?

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