7 Benefits of Self Directed Employee Training

7 Benefits of Self Directed Employee Training

Companies that are thriving in their industries and beating their competition by miles often do so because they have employees who think independently and like to push the boundaries of what is possible. Maybe as an executive or a lower level director, you’d like to see more of this kind of culture take root in your company, but you’re not sure where to start. Self-directed employee training programs are one way to bring out the best in your employees since they can empower them with more knowledge than micromanaged training programs. Here’s seven benefits that your company can enjoy by implementing self-directed employee training.

1. Employees Will Have More Options For Their Career Path

Your company likely has many roads going from entry to upper level and potentially the executive board, and with independent learning courses employees can find their path. While in general, you want the business and leadership training sessions they undertake to be on topics related to the company as a whole, a chance for them to mix it up can also help them. And different employees are going to have their own learning styles, so putting the learning initiative on them can allow them to learn in the way that fits their strength.

2. Managers Can Be More Freed Up

With all the tasks that you and your managers probably feel you don’t get to soon enough, if at all during the day, self-directed training means less oversight for you. It’s certainly fine to check on progress from time to time, and make sure the employees have the right end goal with their course objectives. But with self-directed learning being in and of itself a self-starter incubator, you’ll probably be surprised at how many other things you can focus on with employees being more motivated to work.

3. Employees Can Have More Sense Of Ownership Over Their Work

Part of what motivates an employee can be feeling they’ve built or made an investment in their career future. When they choose their training topic, it’s now on them to make what they will of it. Plus, for companies invested in the right training that actually brings employees to a high level of satisfying customers, there is hands on skills-to-work activities included in the overall package.

4. Employees Can Learn More New Technology Skills For Future Job Roles

The future for many companies will have a lot of automation, artificial intelligence, advanced computational analytics and so many other things. Even if the future hasn’t yet come to your industry, your employees will be better off being prepared beforehand. These new technologies won’t replace jobs completely, but they will require new tasks and learning that give certain jobs new roles in a company.


5. Self-directed Employee Training Programs Can Foster More Peer Collaboration

Many training programs have hands on activities to get self-starter employees engaged with their coworkers. Sometimes you need to see those who are a little more introverted flourish in a collaborative environment, and the right learning courses can do that. More experienced employees can come alongside newer hires and give them some tips on skill building that they’ve learned.

6. Self-directed Employee Training Can Reveal Leaders Among Your Employees

One of the most important results coming from self-directed employee training is seeing an increase of leaders in your company. Seeing leaders emerge and lead by example and take initiative can have a tremendous effect throughout all the levels of your company and really boost morale. The kind of leaders you foster will determine the overall direction of your company.

7. Your Company Could Potentially Save Money With The Right Training Resources

Certainly not every online course, webinar or video series on business skills and leadership development is cheap, but there are a few out there that are and even free in some cases. ROI is always a consideration when deciding on purchasing a training course library or DVD set, and you want to know from other business leaders just how effective it is. But in looking at different training academies, not all charge an arm and a leg for quality webinars.

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