7 First-Time Casino Visit Mistakes to Avoid

It is very exciting to step up to the casino doors and begin to anticipate what it will be like to throw down that first bet or two. Millions of new players enter a casino for the very first time each year. However, there are some mistakes to learn about so that you may avoid them when you go to play. Avoiding these seven mistakes will allow you to have a more enjoyable time on your trip.

1) Bringing More Than You Can Afford To Lose

Take it easy there friend and don’t bring more than you can reasonably afford to lose. The fact of the matter is that by the time you are done at the casino you are likely to have lost all that you came to play with. That is the way that the luck tends to go when visiting a casino. You cannot expect to come out ahead, so don’t bring more than what you can throw away. People have gotten themselves into serious trouble by bringing too much.

2) Perks Are Not Always What They Seem To Be

Casinos will try to dazzle you into believing that you are the kind for a day. They make a lot of money by convincing people to happily part with their money. Of course, this does not happen without a little marketing magic. Many casinos have learned that they can generate huge returns if they just target the right customers and market to them relentlessly. Don’t think that the “free” perks that they offer you are really as grand as they claim to be.

3) Know When To Stop

It is easy to start increasing your bets as you go on a losing streak. When you see the money leaving your hands you begin to think that you can win it back with just a dash of luck. You start to bet bigger and then your losses just continue to mount. You may end up losing a lot more than you thought you would because you began chasing your losses. It is better to just realize that the luck in a casino comes and goes, but the house ultimately always has the edge.

4) Mind The House Edge

Speaking of the house edge, you should be aware of it with any game that you play. There is always going to be some house edge built in (that is how the casinos makes its money after all), but some games have a larger house edge than others. Try to play games in which the odds are not tilted too strongly against you such as blackjack. Alternatively, you could play games in which you just compete with other players rather than the casino such as poker.

5) Be Aware Of Your Alcohol Consumption

Virtually all casinos offer alcoholic beverages (depending upon state law), and some even give these drinks away for free to players who stay around at the table or machine long enough. Understand that this is not a nice gesture by the casino. They just want to help lower your inhibitions so that you will gamble more. Pay a lot of attention to how much alcohol you consume while there.

6) Know The Rules Of Games You Are Playing

You are always welcomed to ask the dealers how to play certain games when you step up to the table, but it is best to know beforehand. You should know these things because you will lose even faster if you do not understand what you are betting on.

7) Pay Attention To Safety

Casinos attract a lot of people with a lot of cash sloshing around. You need to pay careful attention to how much money you are carrying with you at any given time. Make sure you are not flashing your cash or celebrating a big win too loudly. You don’t want to attract someone who might like to rob you. Remember, there are potentially people in the casino who may have alcohol or gambling problems. Be very aware of your surroundings and pay careful attention to your safety and security at all times.

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