7 Hacks for Dressing Cute During the Summer Heat

The sun is out, the temperature is more than a little warm, and summer vibes are everywhere. It’s easy to throw on a bikini and a cute cover-up to head to the pool or beach, but what about all those other things you must do that require a little more coverage? It’s not easy to get dressed in the summer, especially if you live where it’s hot, humid, and you’re drenched with sweat within two minutes of stepping foot outside. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. These 7 hacks are going to make summer your cutest season yet.

1- Choose Light Fabrics

Summer is not the time to wear that gorgeous wool dress you love so much to the office. It’s too hot, you’ll be too miserable, and the fabric looks suspiciously out of place in the middle of the summer heat. It’s time for you to don lighter fabrics that allow you to breathe and stay comfortable. When you’re hot and overheated, it shows everywhere.

2- Choose Patterns

Think Lilly Pulitzer with bright colors and bold patterns. Items like this are perfect for several reasons. The first is patterns hide sweat stains when you’re out. The unfortunate truth is spending any amount of time outdoors in the middle of summer means you’re going to sweat, and no one wants to stand up after an al fresco lunch to realize their bottom sweat all over the back of their dress and now they look as though they wet their pants. Patterns hide sweat, and you’ll feel cuter by default.

3- Forget the Sleeves

Now is not the time to wear anything with long sleeves. If you’re going to work, it’s best to opt for wide straps on dresses and tops, but don’t go for long sleeves. One way to beat this at work is to find tops with lace sleeves that appear professional but still allow you to feel cool, calm, and comfortable. It’s easy to stay classy but cool when you learn how to manipulate your wardrobe in the summer heat.

4- Use Layers

Sometimes you have little choice in the matter, and that’s where layers come in. If you must dress professionally for work, use a blazer. Put it on over your clothes when you arrive, and take it off when it’s time to go. Most offices are so cold you won’t mind wearing it around for the day, but you’ll certainly appreciate the ability to remove it when you’re done with work.

5- Dresses Are Your Best Friend

Summer is the season for dresses. Sundresses, maxi dresses, and anything in between. It’s so much cooler to wear a dress in one piece than something with two piece, and it’s so feminine. You can’t help but look cute and adorable in a dress no matter how casual you are. Put the jeans away, and focus on the flirty, feminine, fantastic woman you are right now in the middle of the summer heat.

6- Big Hats are Imperative

For more than one reason, you need some big hats this summer. The most important reason is to protect your skin. A large hat hides your scalp and minimizes the risk of burning your head when you’re outdoors. It also protects your face from the sun, which is a wonderful concept if you love your skin. Another important benefit of a large hat is to hide a bad hair day. Heat and humidity do nothing for most women, and a large hat hides a multitude of sins.

7- Add Interest with Accessories

It’s easy to feel a little less than cute when you’re sweating and hot, but accessories can turn up the heat on your outfit without turning it up on your skin. Fun hats, belts, shoes, and jewelry can change any simple outfit into a statement piece with little effort and in no time. Let the accessories you wear do the talking, and focus on wearing something simple and light so you stay comfortable and cool.

Summer style doesn’t have to falter just because the heat is unbearable. You can remain chic, stylish, and attractive by utilizing these tips. Apply these rules to your summer style and leave home each day feeling fun and festive. It’s hard not to feel good when you know you look good.

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