7 Low Cost Ways on How-to Exercise Without Breaking the Bank

How do you maintain your workout regime on a tight budget? Even if you cannot afford gym premiums you can still maintain a fitness routine. Home workouts and outdoor activities are good ideas to keep you going. Here are several ways you can exercise without breaking the bank.

1. Workout Videos And DVDs

Make use of free internet and stream online for fitness motivation. There are hundreds of channels on YouTube on exercises you can do at the comfort of your home. Online workouts are as effective as gym workout and you need little or no equipment.

You can also visit your local library for a selection of workout DVDs available. You can choose to rent or buy. These DVDs usually have easy to follow instructions and suitable for home workouts.

2. Join an Activity Club

Whether you love hiking, cycling or dancing, this can be a good way to exercise as well. Training clubs are an excellent source of motivation for outdoor workouts. Ensure you are up to date with information about upcoming events.

Some clubs offer discounted rates for the workout as long as you are a registered member. Most of them have exercise facilities or have easy access to a gym where you get to use the equipment at a lower price.

3. Create a Home Gym

You can use one of your rooms as a home gym. When purchasing gym equipment, buy the ones that have more than one use. Some of this equipment can be remodeled depending on the type of exercise you want. Check on discounts when purchasing your items or buy used ones.

While equipping your gym, consider buying inexpensive home workout items such as jumping ropes, dumbbells, yoga mats and resistance bands. This equipment will help you maintain your workout schedule just as the gym would do.

4. Swimming

Swimming is great at breaking the sweat and toning your body. Plan a schedule on swimming days and take advantage of low-cost swimming classes. You can pay for your swimming sessions as a lump sum which will be cheaper than paying for each session.

When looking for a swimming spot, visit a few facilities and inquire on costs. Evaluate the pools and determine the best one for you. Some swimming pools offer discounts on two people who subscribe together. Get a buddy and take advantage of the offer.

5. Jogging and Walking

This type of workout is almost priceless. You only need a pair of comfortable sports shoes, and you are ready to go. Establish a jogging route and estimate the distance. It will help you track how much you jog or walk.

You can invest in a fitness watch or tracker to help you calculate how much distance you jog and the number of calories you burn. An exciting way to enjoy your walk would be to carry your pet with you or listen to music as you exercise.

6. Try Body Weight Workouts

If you want to save on workout and tone up your body, then you can do bodyweight exercises from home. You can try squats, lunges, pushups or crunches. You can incorporate a little cardio by jogging in place, jumping jacks or knee lifts to warm you up. Set the reps you need to do per exercise and time yourself. Do more reps to enhance the effectiveness of your training.

7. Make Use of Independent Gyms

Independent gyms offer a better value than health clubs. They also offer flexible payment options. Yoga or Pilates studios offer specific exercises but suit people doing one type of exercise. Studios allow you to pay as a package or pay each class you attend leaving you free from monthly membership fees.

Some community centers have fitness facilities that you can sign up to occasionally. The fees are usually lower than the other gyms and may offer flexible payments options too.


Do not let your budget come your way as a fitness enthusiast. Implement some inexpensive home workout ideas that will still have a positive impact on your fitness routine. Walk or jog in your neighborhood or enroll in activity clubs for a workout. Cut down on gym costs by creating yours at home. Go for inexpensive, used equipment or multipurpose ones for your gym.

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