7 Smart Reasons to Follow Political News Throughout the World

If you are like many people in the US, you probably have a limited tolerance for all of the many ongoing political controversies, scandals and even just politics in general. There is, however, a giant world outside of the US and while it may be difficult at times to keep up with what is happening right here at home, there are a number of reasons why it’s actually important to have a broader understanding of geopolitics – or politics around the globe. Here are 7 smart reasons to follow politics around the globe.

1. Global politics affect your business whether you know it or not.

There are some industries that are far more directly affected by global politics than others, but to some degree all businesses are directly affected by what happens in other countries. From embargoes on the importation of certain goods that decrease your market to taxes on materials that raise your production costs, almost all businesses are in some way connected to and affected by the political climates of other countries.

2. Political climates affect travel.

Whether you are traveling for business or personal reasons, if you are planning on leaving the US for any reason, it’s a good idea to understand the political climate of the country you are traveling to. Just a year ago, a terrorist bombing in France drove home the point that even first world countries are not inherently safe just because they are an ally of the US. Even our allies have enemies and it is a wise idea to understand who they are and what the current political climate is wherever you are traveling.

3. Understanding world politics can help you make sound investments.

In addition to political policies that affect trade, politics also have a direct effect on currencies and currencies have a direct effect on investments. Understanding political climates can help you understand rising and falling markets, which can help you have a far better understanding of when to make certain investments and when to divest yourself of certain investments. If something were to happen to cause political unrest in China that affected manufacturing, that would have a direct effect on tech giants like Apple, which would in turn have a direct effect on the tech industry on the whole. Understanding the crucial role that politics plays on entire markets is fundamental to sound investing in the 21st century.

4. Understanding global politics can help reduce fear and violence.

While there is certainly value in understanding global politics from an American perspective, there is even greater value in understanding politics from the perspectives of the people native to that land. While American news outlets may lead us to fear refugees or immigrants, understanding the political climate that they are fleeing from can help to ease some of the fears we might have about why they want to come here in the first place. Fostering greater understanding will almost always result in less conflict and better relationships.

5. Following global politics can help you expand your reach.

In the technological age, there are very few products or services that do not have a global market. From movies and video games to accounting services to car parts, there are few things that are made or manufactured in the US that can’t be used somewhere else in the world. Understanding politics will help you understand where your best markets are and how to go about expanding your business into them.

6. Politics affect the planet we all have to live on.

Deforestation in Africa affects air pollution in the US and waste dumped into the ocean in Brazil affects the coastline of Florida. Being informed about global politics can help protect the very earth we live on.

7. Following global politics makes you a better citizen.

America was founded on the principles of democracy, but democracy demands an informed and active citizenry. When we sit back and just let political decisions be made without intervention and oversight, decisions are often made that our contrary to the best interests of the citizenry. If we learned anything from World War II, it’s that Americans can’t and don’t just live in isolation. What affects the rest of the world affects us too.

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