7 Tips for Accessorizing in the Spring

Now that we’re getting ready for spring, it’s time to start looking for the best accessories to compliment your outfit choices. Stepping away from the scarves of winter, this spring will be all about the new and exciting accessories that everyone is going to be drooling over. In this article, we will look at seven fabulous tips for getting your accessory style right this spring season. Here is what you need to know.

Go Bold

Spring is going to be all about the florals and plaids. These softer patterns will be complimented by a bold statement piece that will truly highlight the look. Some of the neatest items seen so far have been bronze colored piece made from vintage safety pins that have been stretched into bracelets and earrings. Later in the article, we will take a quick look at a specific earring trend that is bolder than ever before this spring.

Bigger Hats

While taking it back to those days like in My Fair Lady, hats are going to be big this spring. The bigger the hats the better as well. Hats are also amazing for protecting your face from the harmful rays of the sun, and they are stylish as well. Style your hats with a nice pair of earrings and a gorgeous sun dress for those warmer days. The stylish hats are also going to be popular no matter the weather or the time of day.

Neutralize It

Winter was all about the muted tones, but spring is going to welcome the bright shades into the mix. With these bright colors, neutral accessories are going to be a hit. Neutral bags, shoes, and jewelry will help off set the bright shades and tie all the fabulous spring colors together with ease. Pair a bright dress with neutral heels and a neutral bracelet for a simple spring look. Most neutral colors include taupe, brown, and gray.

More Patterns Please

Patterns have always been right there in the corner, but this spring, the patterns are going to be bigger and bolder than ever before. Everything is going to be patterned from shoes to bags. Some of the biggest patterns are going to be florals and geometric shapes. The florals are expected to be bright and bold, and no flower style will be left out. Why not accessorize with a bold statement piece this spring to get everyone talking.

Glitzy Earrings

Just like the bold accessories discussed above, glitzy earrings are going to be popular this spring. Unlike the simple studs that have dominated the fashion world for the past few seasons, these earrings are going to be dangling chandelier earrings. The glittery the earrings are, the better they are for this spring. Pair them with a gorgeous dinner outfit for a glitzy twist on the classic spring look.

Odd Shaped Bags

Handbags will never go out of style, but this spring, the odder the shape of the bag to more stylish it will be. Geometric bags are going to be hot this season. From squares to rounds, these bags are perfect for styling with spring outfits. The most popular designer brands are already on top of these stylish new bags, and you can expect them to be hitting stores soon. These bags are going to be the perfect excuse to get bold with your accessories.

The Classics

Every season keeps around some of the most classic looks. One of the most classic looks is the black pump. If you choose to wear pumps, opt for the classic black in either shiny or matte hue. The best pumps are the pointed-toe options, perfect for any occasion. The size of the heel doesn’t matter either. You can feel free to get as crazy with the heels as possible. These pumps also look fabulous with bright colors and bold patterns, which have been discussed above.


This spring, there are many accessories that are going to take the spring looks by storm. They are already starting to make their way into the spotlight. From bold patterns to glitzy earrings, the number of exciting accessories starting this spring is going to be big. As the winter fashion trends start to exit the world, these bold accessories mentioned above are going to take a trip down the runway.

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