7 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage

Cleaning the garage sounds like a great idea, until you walk into the space and see how much work needs to be done. A typical garage is the catchall for everything that doesn’t have a place in the house. It’s where you keep seasonal items and the things that have no permanent home. Plus, it’s a space used for fixing and repairing cars.

And, hopefully, somewhere in the middle of all this is a space or two to park a car.

If your garage has become a warehouse for everything except the cars, it’s time for a good clean out and organization.

1. Clear everything out

Unless it’s nailed, screwed, or strapped down, everything in that garage needs to come out. You cannot properly clean out a garage if it’s still full of stuff.

Clear a space for all the items you remove. Your driveway is a good spot as is the front yard.

2. Sort through everything

When you remove an item from the garage, you need to decide what’s going to happen to it. Many things will stay. Some may need to find new homes in the attic or basement. You might want to sell some things and throw away others. After you decide what to do with an item, put it in the appropriate pile. Keep, throw away, recycle, donate, etc.

Sort the keep items into general categories such as tools, sports equipment, seasonal items, and gardening supplies.

3. Start with the ceiling

Once the garage is clear, take a broom and start sweeping down the ceiling. Get into the corners and around ceiling fixtures. You want the ceiling to be as clean as possible.

While your looking up, make sure your lighting and garage door fixtures are secure and in good condition. It’s a good time to address any problems before you put things back into the garage.

4. Do the walls and windows next

With the ceiling done, it’s time to move down the walls. Use a broom to loosen cobwebs and dirt from the surface. Be sure to wipe down around the windows where spiders like to make webs.

After dusting down the walls, it’s time to clean them. Grab a car wash sponge and a bucket of warm water. Wipe down the walls, then use old towels to dry them. Remember to get the windows while you’re at it.

5. Clean the garage floor

Your floor is probably looking like a disaster area at this point. It means you are making progress.

Use a push broom to start moving all the dirt and debris on the floor towards the garage door. Get under cabinets or work benches you couldn’t remove. Once everything is outside, use a dust pan to clean up the mess.

Scrubbing the floor is next. You can use a long-handled scrub brush, several buckets of water, and cleanser to get rid of caked-on dirt and grime. Use a wire brush to scrub oil stains or use a special cleanser made to remove them from the floor.

6. Give the space a makeover

Before you start piling things back in the garage, decide if you need to make any upgrades. Is your light fixture adequate? Do you have ceiling space that’s dying to act as storage space? Can you add shelving to give yourself additional off-the-floor storage?

While the cars are out, you can even paint the ceiling, walls, and floor. Painting a garage floor helps seal it and keep it looking good.

7. Put everything away in an organized fashion

The last part is to put things back into the garage. Some items you only need to access on a rare occasion. Those items should go into back areas of shelves or onto high shelves.

Some items you need seasonally, such as sports equipment and holiday decorations. Those items should be stored where they can be accessed, but out of the way.

Items that you need regularly should be stored front and center, easy to access and to keep organized.

These 7 tips will help you clean out your garage and keep it organized going forward. So, when do you plan on starting?

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