8 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Finding New Apartment Furniture

You must be excited about your newly acquired apartment, and the next thing you want to do is to shop for furniture. Furnishing an entire apartment is not only expensive but also overwhelming especially if you do not have a budget to work with as you purchase. You might be tempted to buy your new furniture through a payment plan or using a credit card because it will take you time to pay off and it will cost you more money than buying on cash payment terms. The primary concern being the cost of buying the furniture, you can get budget-friendly furniture with a bit of creativity, time and patience.


Buy the essentials first


You need to consider starting out with the essential pieces of furniture, such as kitchen table, bed, and couch first to avoid overspending. You can start by creating a list of the furniture you need for your new apartment by prioritizing the most necessary furniture and the least required at the bottom of the list. You can consider a bed, table or desk, and a kitchen table a priority as opposed to a dressing table.


Accumulate furniture slowly


After purchasing the essential furniture for your new apartment, you can plan on purchasing the rest slowly. Consider setting aside some money every month to buy beautiful pieces of furniture slowly because you will have saved up for the furniture you want. As you buy furniture, pay attention to the quality so that they last for long. Also, consider buying classic furniture that you can update with accessories, such as decorative items, throw pillows, and blankets.


Ask for hand-me-downs


The other budget-friendly idea you can opt to save money as you furnish your apartment is asking your family or friends to give you pieces of furniture they no longer use. Your friends or family members can also help you with furniture until you buy your own. If the old table or furniture does not fit your design or style, you can consider purchasing a cover that meets your style, which is cheaper than buying a new seat. You can even paint shelves or tables so that they can match your style.


Find deals online


The best part about online shopping is that you can find an array of furniture at the comfort of your home. Most online stores have big sales and affordable prices because they don’t invest in showrooms or hiring salespeople; therefore, you will save money when you buy from them. Besides, you can search for classified deals online, and you might be lucky to score items for free.


Refurbish what you have


You can save money when buying furniture by refurbishing your old furniture. Some of the easiest pieces of furniture you can refurbish include tables, wooden dressers, and bookshelves. You can achieve this by adding a fresh coat of paint or a slipcover if you don’t like the current fabric on the sofa.


Consider your timing


You need to find out the timings when furniture stores release new products and when they clear stock. Most furniture manufacturers have specific months of the year when they release new designs and styles of furniture and other months when they dispose of their old inventories. Consider buying furniture for your new apartment around holidays, such as Black Friday, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day because most retailers have big sales, which will save you money.


Buy used furniture


One of the best ways to purchase furniture without breaking your bank is by buying used furniture that is in excellent condition. Yard sales and classifieds are excellent places you can get excellent furniture at an affordable price. Sometimes the furniture requires some work up to enhance their appearance, which is still cheaper than purchasing new furniture. However, ensure that the furniture is pest free and vacuum it.


Shop sales and bargain


Buyers can save a few dollars by visiting discount warehouses to buy furniture or through shopping sale for furniture. You can even negotiate discounts on models especially if you bought with cash. Additionally, you might save hundreds of dollars when you purchase an entire set of furniture as opposed to buying individual pieces of furniture then you sell the pieces you don’t require online.

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