8 Essential Qualities a Nonprofit Should Possess to Attract Donors

One of the greatest struggles for nonprofits is the ability to encourage new donors. After all, donations are one of the primary ways in which nonprofits function. In order to attract donors, there are some qualities that all nonprofits should strive to implement. These following eight qualities are a great place to begin.

1. Clear Mission Statement

Donors associate each nonprofit with their specific mission statement. To be more specific, people often see a mission statement more than they do a nonprofit name or logo. This is because people associate nonprofits with charitable and honorable work making a positive impact in the world. Having an unclear mission statement, or none at all, can leave individuals confused and less likely to offer donations for an organization they cannot identify a mission statement with.

2. Pairing Donations with Real Life

Many potential donors avoid giving donations when they feel too disconnected. One of the major motivations for individual or groups donations is the impact that they can see or imagine. When people are unsure how their money will be spent in a non-profit, they are less likely to donate. Pairing donation amounts with real life scenarios can be a great way to keep people connected with their impact. For example, a non-for-profit water organization could show that a $10 donation results in two liters of water for a child in need.

3. Easy De-registration

As many non-for-profits take donations on a monthly basis from individual bank accounts, many people are weary of making any commitments. Many people are afraid that they will not be able to opt out of these donations when they desire to. While it may seem counterintuitive, offering clear and easy instructions for de-registering from the donation payments may actually ease some worries and encourage some donors that may have been hesitant otherwise.

4. Online Presence

While many non-for-profits may not want to spend extra time, energy and money on creating an online presence, this is one of the more critical qualities for attracting donors. In fact, seven percent of total fundraising in 2016 came directly from online sources. This means that nonprofits could be missing out on significant donations without having an online presence.

5. Use Compelling Photography

Another important quality for nonprofits is the use of compelling photography. Realisitically, text itself is not enough to encourage individuals to donate their hard-earned cash. Having a look at ads targeted to consumers will reveal the importance that good photos have to selling in general. Compelling photographs will provide donors with another method of seeing the impact of the nonprofit, therefore encouraging them to donate more.

6. Create Relationships

While nonprofits are not considered traditional businesses, it can be useful to see donators as customers. Similar to a typical business, nonprofits should build relationships with their donators, or customers, in order to maintain good relations and ties. This not only can ensure further donations in the future, but it also makes donators feel that their givings are appreciated and useful. Furthermore, others will be more likely to donate when seeing how well other donators are treated.

7. Ensure Security

As mentioned before, many of the donations accepted by nonprofits are taken through credit cards on a monthly basis. Furthermore, the increase of online donations also comes through debit or credit cards. Donors are weary of using websites that don’t seem secure enough to handle their private information. For this reason, it is important for nonprofits to ensure security in order to make their donors feel comfortable giving personal details.

8. Giving

Giving may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to important qualities for nonprofits. However, it is important that nonprofits also give to their donors as well as their cause. This can greatly increase the attraction for potential donors. Small gifts that are greater in value in relation to a greater donation is a great tactic employed by several successful nonprofits in order to encourage donations.

Nonprofits are in a unique position as profit is not their number one goals as some companies. Instead, their sole mission is to give back in charitable ways. However, in order for nonprofits to be successful, they must encourage regular donors. While there are many ways to increase the potential for donations, these eight qualities are great strategies for attracting new members.

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