8 Key Reasons to Consider a Career as an Attorney

In spite of the profession being oft-maligned and the unfortunate reality that there are more law school graduates than there are jobs, becoming an attorney is still an unmatched and fulfilling experience for the right people. Before you start applying to law schools, however, you need to consider why you want to become an attorney. Below are eight key reasons to consider a career as an attorney.

1. It’s Intellectually Stimulating

There are few professions that are as intellectually stimulating as being a lawyer. Each case is unique which prevents work from getting boring and repetitive. You will always be researching new topics and thinking of creative solutions to problems, which challenges your intellect. Problem-solving and critical thinking are integral to the profession in order to come up with the best arguments to win your clients’ cases.

2. It Has Transferable Skills

While you should not go to law school unless you plan to become an attorney, lawyers possess a number of transferable skills if you decide later in life that you would like a career change. Key transferable skills include writing skills, communication skills, research skills, interpersonal skills and analytical skills, just to name a few. If you already possess these skills, you are likely to find the legal field a good match for your talents.

3. It’s Prestigious

Lawyers have and will always enjoy a high level of prestige in society, even in spite of lawyer jokes. This is due to the high salaries attorneys command, their status as authorities and the grueling litmus tests they must pass, including law school and the bar exam, in order to work in their chosen profession. In general, attorneys are highly respected by the general public.

4. It’s Varied

Attorneys have many areas of practice to choose from. This means that no matter your area of interest, there is a legal specialization that may be your calling. Areas of legal practice include topics as diverse as family law, environmental law, landlord-tenant law and business law to name just a few. Finding a niche in which to specialize will improve job prospects and make it more likely you will eventually be regarded as an expert in your field.

5. It Provides A Flexible Work Environment

There is a lot of variation and flexibility in an attorney’s potential work environments. Most attorneys work in law firms, but others work for the legal departments of corporations or for government agencies. Lawyers can choose to work for small or large firms and have decidedly different career experiences based on that choice. They can also go into business for themselves and open their own firm, either by themselves or with partners.

6. You Work With Interesting People

Attorneys have the opportunity to work with many interesting people over the course of their careers, including famous individuals. In fact, attorneys have the opportunity to become famous in their own right if they participate in high-level cases. Even clients who are average people can be very interesting to work with and help expand your view of humanity.

7. Its Earning Potential Is High

Although there are a few professions that pay higher, lawyers are still near the top of all occupations when it comes to the salaries they bring home every year. The average attorney easily makes a three-figure salary. Remember that salary expectations will vary depending on location, employer size and experience, but an average in the three figures is nothing to sneeze at.

8. It’s An Opportunity To Help Others

Lawyers help people. This is true no matter what side of a case they are on. Some lawyers work in family law to get kids adopted who are in need of homes. Others specialize in business law and help entrepreneurs start businesses they’ve always dreamed of owning and giving them a better chance of long-term success. In fact, it is often required that attorneys do pro bono work for underprivileged clients throughout their careers.

While not everyone is cut out for being an attorney, it is an excellent, rewarding career path for many people. The points outlined above are all excellent reasons to become a lawyer. By considering your talents and what you want from your career, you will be able to determine whether this is truly the right occupation for you.

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