8 Long-Distance Moving Mistakes and How-to Avoid Them

A long-distance move can be stressful and it could throw your life into chaos. It’s easy to underestimate the task. Although people are very attached to their belongings even if they don’t have much monetary value or resale potential, they often make mistakes when packing their beloved things. Here are some tips to prevent the loss or damage to your items on your next long-distance move.

Not giving yourself enough time to pack

One of the biggest mistakes people make on a long-distance move is starting too late to pack. It’s easy to underestimate how long this task will take. You not only have to organize belongings and put them in boxes, but you have to take time to consider the best way to protect items and how to wrap and secure them. To avoid this chaos, give yourself a few more days than you originally estimate to complete the task.

Improperly protecting breakable items

One of the most common packing errors is to stack dishes in a box flat without any cushioning between the plates. People seem to forget that these delicate items will be moving and jostling around. When packing breakable items, it must be done in a mindful way. They should not be loose, and they should be surrounded by bubble wrap or some other type of cushion.

Not giving top-heavy items due attention

There are many types of items and furniture that are heavy on top that sit on thin legs. Some examples are grand pianos, heavy-top tables and pinball machines. When these items move around in the truck, there is enough weight on the legs for them to break. The top often falls and impacts the floor of the truck causing damage to the item. It’s best to place boxes or other support under the top of the item to relieve some of the weight from the legs.

Refusing to get rid of stuff

When moving, there is usually a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to come with. This is also a good opportunity to reorganize and clean out your house. People often overlook this step, or they become too attached to their things and are unwilling to part with useless or redundant items. Part of your moving plans needs to include clean-out activities. Organize things into what comes with you, what goes into the dumpster and what gets donated to friends or charity.

Fish tank mistakes

Many people believe it’s fine to put a fish tank in a moving truck full of water and fish. This should seem obvious as a mistake. A glass container filled with water is going to put a lot of strain on the glass, and it could easily break. The resulting flood of water and fish on the inside of the truck should be enough to motivate people not to do this. The proper solution is to empty the water from the tank and cushion the glass of the tank inside the truck.

Not shopping for the best moving company

There are a lot of moving companies out there, but not all of them are equally competent. It’s not enough to just call the first name that pops up on the internet search result pages. Using the ProMover list that is produced by the American Moving & Storage Association will make sure you pick from a reputable list of companies. From there, you can narrow down your choice based on price and other factors that suit your situation.

Getting the wrong type of moving insurance

For long-distance moves, companies are required to often insurance to safeguard your items. There are two types of insurance that include either released-value protection or full-value coverage. The best choice is usually full-value insurance because it takes your own estimate of item value into account rather than an arbitrary amount per pound. Make sure to ask the moving company what type of insurance they offer before hiring them.

Trying to do it yourself

It might seem like a good way to save money, but doing a long-distance move by yourself is usually not a great idea. You could get some friends to help you load the truck, but they are usually not as skilled at handling heavy or breakable items as a professional. Professionals also have better knowledge about how to secure items properly on the truck. Overall, hiring a moving company is usually well worth the investment.

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