8 Must-Follow Summer Safety Precautions for Roofing

Summer is a time of the year when many home renovations occur. When performing tasks around the home, it is important to keep safe at all times. One of those jobs, working on the roof, can be especially dangerous and keeping yourself protected can prevent serious injury. If you plan to work on a roof this summer, consider the following eight safety precautions you should follow for maximum safety protection.

1. Start Early

In the summertime the afternoon temperature can reach triple digits on a hot roof. Roofing is an extreme labor intensive task and you risk heat stroke when you work in the blazing sun. Start your work early in the day and get make a point to finish before the extreme temperatures begin. Peak hours for the sun’s harmful effects are between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

2. Take Frequent Breaks

Working in an extreme environment means you need to be extra cautious not to overdo it. Take breaks as needed and don’t forget plenty of water. Most of the human body is comprised of water. Soaring temperatures and strenuous work is a combination for much perspiration, so staying hydrated is a must! Even taking a water break every 15 minutes would not be unreasonable.

3. Know Signs of Possible Danger

Educate all workers on the proper knowledge to recognize specific symptoms of prolonged heat exposure. Understand the correct procedures to conduct in a situation such as dehydration or heat stroke. Before anyone sets foot on a roof in the summer, reassure everyone understands the safety expectations.

4. Proper Dress

Begin by making sure you wear light colors which will reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays. Although you’ll want to wear long sleeves to cover your skin, make sure you have thin material to prevent overheating. Wearing slip-resistant boots is also a priority because early afternoon rainstorms are common that will make the roof slippery.

5. Never Work Alone

This safety tip is one that should be followed all year long. Working with a team ensures your safety precautions are being used effectively. Having a system for hauling materials, ladder safety, and moving the traffic of workers on the roof are all aspects that should be taken into consideration. Even with years of experience a roofer should never be alone, especially in the summer heat.

6. Clean Debris As You Go

The summer is possibly the time of the year when the most work will be done. As work is completed on the roof more debris will begin to accumulate. Properly remove all unnecessary items to prevent making the roof a dangerous place to walk. Assign members of the crew to constantly be checking the roof for any potential hazards.

7. Understand The Roofing Material

Familiarize yourself with the texture of the roofing material that will be installed. Whether you’re using asphalt shingles, tile, wood, or even metal, each one has a different feel and accessibility. Some of these materials are even slicker when wet, such as wood.

8. Communicate All The Time

Working on a roof at any time of the year requires constant communication. Dangerous materials are being handled along with ascending and descending up a ladder. During the summer the weather conditions can make it even more likely for an accident to happen. Be proactive and use extra caution at all times.

Follow these essential summer safety tips when you are working on the roof. As a job that requires many safety previsions, roofing must be taken seriously.

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