8 Outdoor Kitchen Must-Haves

8 Outdoor Kitchen Must-Haves

Having a kitchen outside the home is one of the newest trends, making it easier to prepare a delicious meal outside. If you are going to cook and serve food outside, then there are eight essential items that you must have. You can build your own outdoor kitchen by buying a ready-made kit, or you can hire a contractor who can design a customized kitchen for your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen Item 1: A Protective Rooftop

You will need a protective rooftop over your outdoor kitchen to protect the items that are inside the space. While most outdoor kitchens have open walls, a rooftop can protect you from bright sunlight or a drizzle of rain. Having a slanted rooftop is best so that rain will run off of the roofing tiles in the spring and summer. This type of design will also ensure that winter snow will slide off the roof of your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Item 2: An Electric or Gas Grill

If you have a gas or electric grill in your outdoor kitchen, then you can cook an assortment of foods at any time of the day. Not only can you grill a steak or chicken, but also, you can prepare breakfast foods such as sausage or bacon. When you buy special cooking baskets, it is also easy to grill fresh fruits and vegetables to have with your grilled meats. Make sure to have a way to cover and protect a grill that is in an outdoor kitchen to avoid any damage from snow or rain.

Outdoor Kitchen Item 3: A Small Refrigerator

With a small refrigerator outside, you can keep foods chilled until you are ready to cook the items. You won’t need to worry about food spoilage as you cook a variety of items such as vegetables or meat. If you have any leftovers, then you can store the foods in plastic containers inside your refrigerator to prevent spoilage. In addition, a refrigerator is the perfect place to keep pitchers of lemonade or cans of soft drinks. Have your refrigerator installed so that you can lock it and cover it to protect its contents from thieves.

Outdoor Kitchen Item 4: Different Sizes of Tables

You will need different sizes of tables for your outdoor kitchen so that you can sit with a few friends or a large family. Having portable tables makes it easier to rearrange the items for different types of parties. You can find outdoor tables that are square, rectangular or round to create your own attractive outdoor kitchen space. Choose tables that can withstand food spills and wet weather so that the items will remain in good condition.

Outdoor Kitchen Item 5: Durable Countertops

If you want to prepare food outside, then you will need durable countertops. Make sure to have a countertop near the grill and refrigerator so that you have a place to set platters of food before and after cooking the items. Choose a countertop material that can withstand a variety of weather conditions so that the items will last for many years.

Outdoor Kitchen Item 6: Numerous Chairs

You will need numerous chairs that you can move from one table to another so that you and your guests can enjoy a meal outside. It is vital to have chairs that you can lift and move but that can also withstand rainy weather. If you choose stackable chairs, then you can store the items easily in a corner of the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Item 7: A Freezer

In addition to having a tiny refrigerator, you will want to have a small freezer to store foods that must remain frozen. You can also have ice cubes for your beverages by having a freezer in your outdoor kitchen area. Place your freezer near the refrigerator for fast and easy access while cooking food or preparing beverages.

Outdoor Kitchen Item 8: Microwave Oven

It is a good idea to have a microwave oven outside in your outdoor kitchen so that you can warm leftovers or prepare certain types of foods. Make sure that your contractor places a microwave in a strategic location where it isn’t affected by rainy or snowy weather.

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