8 Popular Television Movies Based on the Legal World

There are a number of ways to tell a story. One popular way to do this is to put a real life story on the screen. The following are eight popular television movies that were based on the legal world.

Believe Me: The Lisa McVey Story

This movie tells the story of Lisa McVey, who was abducted by a serial killer. The young girl develops a relationship with the serial killer, which saves her life for some time and helps her escape. Sadly, she has a hard time convincing her family and the law that she is who she says she is upon returning.

Happy Face Killer

This is a film about Keight Jesperson, a serial killer who abducted eight women and killed them. The man is played by David Arquette, and it is a chilling story. He taunted the law by sending notes that ended with happy faces, hence the name.

Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Rob Lowe plays Jeff Ashton in this film, and he is a prosecutor. The film tells the story of his struggles and the overall gruesome story of a murdered two year old. In this real life case, the young toddler’s mother is accused of this crime.

Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy

Amanda Knox was charged with the murder of her roommate. Knox was studying abroad in Italy when this alleged murder happened. Knox is put on trial for the murder though she ends up being acquitted. The film stars Hayden Panettiere as Amanda Knox.

Not Like Everyone Else

Freedom of speech is going to be under attack at some point, and this film deals with that issue. School officials and school rules go after Brandi Blackbear, a student who loves to write horror stories. The subject matter of her stories is what gets this case going.

Too Young to Die?

Another interesting movie about a legal case is that of Atinna Marie Cannaday. A lot of questions arose at the time. This young, teenage girl faces the death penalty because she was involved in a gruesome murder and other crimes.

Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret

A amateur photographer stalked her ex lover and murdered him. Salacious photographs and all sorts of sordid details surrounded this particular case and trial. A lot of what happened in court became a sensation in real life.

All-American Girl

Mary Kay Letourneau was an elementary school teacher who became infamous when she became involved with one of her students. The young boy was 13 years of age when they became an item. Of course, she was accused of statutory rape and went through a lot because of her actions. Still, the woman decided to marry the boy she seduced when he was old enough.

These are just some of the real life legal-based dramas that have been told on TV, but there are many more choose from.

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