8 Qualities to Look for in a Tropical Vacation Property

Vacations and holidays are something that everyone strives to experience and get the best of. Getaways are greatly researched and many times planned out thoroughly. Many people want to make sure that they are getting more than their money’s worth; they want to have a trip of a lifetime. To find out where to stay on vacation can be as much as a challenge just as picking where and when to go. These tips will help find the best property to stopover while vacationing.


First things first, what is the budget for the overall vacation? Once a total amount is considered and decided upon, all of the other questions can be answered. Keeping the trip under the allotted amount will make planning much easier and the trip more enjoyable.

Where to Go and Research

After the budget has been decided on, certain islands or beaches are going to be more pricey than others. You can start marking places off the list if some are too expensive, unsafe or not interested in going. Some tropical places still have more culture than tourist areas which some travelers are interested in going to see. Investing in some research can prevent some unfortunate and regretful mindsets during the trip.

What Kind of Trip is it Going to be?

Differentiation between a romantic trip with a partner or spouse versus a family friendly trip or even a girl’s beach vacation should have different styles of places to stay and go. Know who you are going with so that they concur in where to stay as well.

When is the trip?

A common question is when to take the vacation? For a more private and quieter time on the beach, off season is best; during the months between October and March are the best times to go and it tends to much cheaper. If you have to wait until the kids get out of school, waiting until the summer it will have to be and prices will be higher.

All-Inclusive, Airbnb, Hotel or Resort

What type of facility does someone want to stay in? Again, depending on the type or style of trip this will be, the answer can be much simpler. Staying in a cozy beach house would be perfect for a couple seeking a more private stay. A family friendly all inclusive resort are perfect for the kids who need a lot of things to do to stay busy. Hotels and resorts can be great for all various tourists with many next to the beaches for a better location.

Day to Day Activities

Factoring all the other specifications, finding excursions and site seeing is always a determinant in where to sojourn. If it is being at the beach every day and some straightforward water activities, than an easy accessible resort or hotel may be the best. If you are looking to find more local culture and or cuisine, an Airbnb where the owner can tell you what to see and where to not waste your time with may be better.

Traveling Throughout

Depending on if you are flying or driving to your tropical paradise, easy access to either taxi, public transport or renting a car is very important. There are some sites that you want to see and renting a car is too expensive, but there is a cheap public bus that runs about is an excellent alternative. If you have flown in, getting to and from the airport is absolutely vital to your stay and stress free time. Make sure there is transportation and easy for the extension of the trip.

Food for the Soul

Most hotels and popular resorts will have either a restaurant or bar in them or they sit near a strip where supermarkets and restaurants are. Inquire about what cuisine you will want to be near, local fare or just basic western food. Keep this in mind before booking any property.

Getting a vacation should be a stress-free and relaxing time. Probe and investigate into where you are headed so that your holiday can be one to relish and savor.

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