8 Simple Ways to Shop for the Pet Lover in Your Life

There are few things in life that make owners happier than their pets. Pet lovers simply adore their companions, showering them with love, food, toys, and so much more. Many pet parents consider their furry, scaly, or winged friends to be family members, and they treat them as such, providing for their every need. There are a variety of fun and simple ways to shop for the pet lovers in our lives, providing them and their pets with endless joy and entertainment. Here are eight possibilities:

1. Visit the Pet Store

If you know that your pet lover is looking for a specific item, such as a new heater for their aquarium or a heat lamp for their iguana, it is easy to go to the store and purchase that item. Not only will they be happy that you were listening and paying attention to their needs, but you will be directly contributing to the welfare of their pet with your gift.

2. Donate to an Animal Charity

Pet lovers are renowned not just for their love of their own pets, but for their love of the animal kingdom in general. Many pet owners would be thrilled to have a donation made in their name to a worthy cause, including farm animals or wild animals. There are countless animal welfare groups, so make sure that you are choosing a responsible organization by doing research prior to making a donation.

3. Commission a Pet Portrait

Does your pet lover have 5,000 photos of their beloved dog, ferret, or parrot on their iPhone? If so, you might want to consider having an artist create a unique painting of their pet to hang on the wall. The pet parent will be overjoyed with a pet portrait, as it represents an everlasting tribute to their family member.

4. Purchase a Gift Card

While gift cards are sometimes seen as impersonal, many pet lovers relish nothing more than an afternoon browsing through their favorite pet store. A gift card allows them to purchase something special for their pet, whether it is a bag of treats, a new bed, or shampoo. Receiving a gift card is the perfect excuse for a pet lover to go and explore a whole new world of fun things for their best friend.

5. Create a Photo Project Online

It is quick and easy to create a wonderful photo project online. You can create a mug with your pet lover’s schnauzer on it: imagine their delight at drinking their morning coffee! Or perhaps you want to make individual holiday ornaments featuring each of your friend’s goldfish. Whatever you choose, if you have a photo of your pet lover’s pet, you can create something meaningful for them.

6. Get a Dog DNA Test

Dog lovers obsess over every aspect of their dog’s life: what they are eating, if they are getting enough sleep, how often they sneeze. A DNA test, which determines the percentages of different dog breeds that make up your individual canine, allows dog parents to know the tiniest details about their dog. It also provides important health information by testing for a variety of genetic disease markers, which can help dog parents be aware of possible future illnesses in their dogs.

7. Make a Blanket

Many people enjoy knitting, crocheting, or sewing. If you fall into this category and want a simple way to create a fabulous present for a pet lover, all you need is a trip to your local yarn or fabric shop. You can choose a beautiful skein of yarn, or perhaps some fleece fabric, and construct a lovely blanket for your pet lover’s pet. Pets of all shapes and sizes—from dogs to ferrets—enjoy having a snuggly warm blanket to curl up in.

8. Book A Stay at a Pet-Friendly Resort

If your friend travels often with their pet, find out their favorite pet resort or hotel and grant them a night or two of fun at their destination. The gift of rest and relaxation with their furry companion might be just the balm they need to unwind, distress, and regain balance.

Enjoy shopping for your favorite pet lover and their best friend!

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