8 Tips for Buying Outdoor Lighting for Your House

Outdoor lighting is essential in any home. Properly set up lighting can help you see exactly where you’re going even late at night. It also offers an extra layer of safety that can protect your entire home and makes your guests feel even more welcome. These tips should kept in mind before you begin purchase lighting for all areas of your property.

1- Current Landscaping

Your current landscaping should be kept in mind when you buy any kind of outdoor landscaping. You’ll want lighting methods that work well with your existing trees, bushes and flowers. Effective lighting can help call attention to your beautiful, graceful Japanese maple trees and your other cherished plantings.

2- Different Seasons

Lighting should ideally change with the seasons. You have different lighting needs on long summer days than you’ll need when it gets dark much earlier. Useful lighting is lighting that can also withstand many types of outdoor weather from heavy rain and humidity to layers of thick snow and ice storms.

3- Inviting Guests

Like so many homeowners, chances are you want to invite people over for parties. Most of your friends may know your property but may not know it in great detail. You want to make it easy for people to find their way around your home. To that end, consider lighting that you can bring out now and then for additional light such as fairy lights.

4- The Pool

If you have a pool, show it off. Lighting lets you use that pool at night. You can buy lights that can stand up to the water and make it possible to swim at any hour. Lights can be installed along the sides of the pool directly in the water. You might also want to add more lighting along the path to the pool as well as on any deck you’ve set up.

5- Your Garage

The garage is one of the important areas to keep in mind when planning any outdoor lighting. You’ll want to be able to see the structure in order to make sure you’re parking correctly. People also want additional lighting here that can help them find things they might store in this area. Using lighting that doesn’t need an outdoor power source such as stick on lights are good. Some use solar power while others use batteries. They’ll help illuminate the corners of the garage. You should also keep a spare flashlight on hand in your car for added lighting that’s also portable.

6- Safety at Night

Night safety is especially important in your home. You want to make sure you can avoid hitting a fallen tree branch and bring your grocery bags into the kitchen with ease. Make sure that all paths leading to your door are full lit. You’ll also want to consider making you have some lights on at night to help deter any home invasions. In general, burglars tend to avoid housing that makes it hard for them to get around unseen. Even a small light can offer added safety.

7- Task Lighting

Task lighting is lighting intended for a specific purpose. You can take advantage of the many types of task lighting on the market for the exterior of your home and use them for highly specific purposes. Place track lighting along your outdoor porch. You can eat outside at night and see your food and make it easier to converse with your family. A set of lights can also be placed at the entrance to your home. Make it easy to turn them on and you’ll make it possible to see the door lock and get inside quickly.

8- Using a Timer

Many timers on available on the market. These are ideal for use with all sorts of outdoor lights. You can set the lights to come on right before you generally pull in the garage. A timer can also be used to set lights on and off when you’re not home. This will make it look as if you’re home even when you’re traveling. Keeping the lights on is a low-cost way to deter criminals from taking advantage when you’re away.

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