9 Benefits of Having Your Move Planned Ahead of Time

Moving is difficult, time consuming, and nowhere near enjoyable. Transporting belongings to new locations in winter is often difficult due to biting cold and unrelenting weather. As such, most homes are sold — and most people move — during summer months. That’s right: hot, muggy, humid summertime.

There are several benefits of planning moves ahead of time. Doing so reduces stress, lowers the likelihood of forgetting items, and makes the process shorter, along with a host of other advantages. Make sure to plan your move ahead of time to garner these benefits, and many more.

1- Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is an often-serious, debilitating mental health issue that manifests itself in chest pains, bowel problems, shaking, and shortness of breath, among other totally unenjoyable physical and psychological health problems. Moving is associated with stress, which can be reduced — along with anxiety — by planning things out ahead of time. Uncertainty and not taking action are two of anxiety’s best friends.

Plan out roads to drive along while moving, moving companies to help lift and transport belongings, and how to store various items. All of these will undoubtedly help reduce anxiety related to your upcoming move.

2- Help Safeguard Items of Value

Everybody has items that hold sentimental or monetary value, including school projects completed by children and nice furniture. Last-ditch efforts to store and move these items may result in them becoming damaged, sometimes beyond repair. Leaving furniture outdoors can result in fading, insect infestation, and molding. Not safeguarding CDs and DVDs, pictures, and paper documents can cause them to become overheated or exposed to sun, taking away from their values. Planning where items should be stored helps with maintaining their values.

3- Saves You Money

Movers, rental truck companies, and stores may charge more money for buying products and services without informing them well ahead of time. Such businesses likely offer discounts for telling them your plans weeks prior to your move. Planning out what your move needs will help you understand who exactly you should contact for their offerings to aid in your move.

4- Saves Time

Getting lost while driving may occur from not properly planning out routes ahead of time. Contacting movers at the last minute may require you to hold off on your move. Planning also helps you know what products you need to buy to move, including storage containers, cleaning products, and more. Save time through proper, prior preparation — it prevents poor performance! Talk about an alliteration, huh?

5- Provides Satisfaction

Setting reasonable, attainable goals and later reaching them provides a sense of accomplishment. If you move all your living room furniture to where it needs to go in two hours, that’s something to be proud of. However, setting the goal of moving them in two hours — or however long you think is reasonable — provides loads more satisfaction than simply carrying out the task.

6- Helps You Think Clearly

Without planning, our thoughts are often muddled. Our brains race to think of solutions to problems in short amounts of time, resulting in stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. Planning helps movers coherently think out what the most optimal, reasonable courses of action are.

7- Aids in Rationing out Vital Resources

Most people don’t have unlimited money, vehicles, and human capital. As such, rationing out the resources you have is essential to helping them stretch as far as possible. Outlining your move ahead of time will facilitate the effective allocation of resources, also saving money in the process.

8- Planning Results in Effective Coordination

The Hulk, Superman, and bigfoot are all fictional characters and organisms. Even bodybuilders would have trouble moving heavy furniture on their own. Moving often requires teams of people to shuffle around, lift, load, and transport furniture and other household items. Thinking out moves weeks before their execution will help bring existing human capital together for better moving.

9- Helps Identify Flaws

Without planning, people are left to figure out flaws in their actions after they take place. When you plan a move, you are able to change bad ideas into better ones, helping facilitate a painless moving experience.

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