9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Your Assisted Living Providers

9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Your Assisted Living Providers
It can be difficult to find quality care for your loved ones, so when you see your family member getting the care they deserve, it’s only natural that you would want to express your gratitude. The easiest way to do so is by giving them a small token to show your appreciation. Before you go shopping, however, be sure to check with the assisted living facility about their gift policy. Sometimes there are rules in place about what an employee can and can’t accept. If the care facility’s policies do allow individual gifts, here are nine budget-friendly ideas to express your gratitude.

1. Flowers
One of the most classic displays of gratitude is a bouquet of flowers. This is a great gift because you don’t have to know the receiver very well, as almost everyone will enjoy receiving a beautiful bouquet.

2. Lotion
Nurses need to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day which can leave their hands dry and cracked. A tube of good quality lotion shows your provider that you see their hard work and think they deserve some self-care. You may want to stay away from products that have a heavy perfume as people’s scent preferences may vary.

3. Baked goods
A homemade loaf of your famous banana bread or a batch of cookies to share with their family might be the perfect gift for that hard-working care caregiver. Homemade gifts convey how much you care as they usually require more effort than a store-bought gift. Just be sure to check for food allergies or special diets before you get baking.

4. Homemade gift basket
Prepared gift baskets are often unnecessarily expensive, but it’s easy and fun to make your own. You can include items such as scented candles, healthy snacks, a coffee mug or water bottle, fresh fruit, or comfortable socks. You can also make a themed gift basket that you think the caregiver might enjoy such as a movie night, an Italian dinner, or a favorite sports team.

5. A small gift card
Some people think gift cards are impersonal and shouldn’t be given as gifts. However, they can be a great way to let someone you don’t know very well pick their own gift. Coffee shops are a popular choice, or a gift card to Walmart, Target or Amazon allows your caregiver to get whatever item might be on their wish list.

6. Coffee for the floor
If your loved one has multiple providers that you would like to thank, it may make sense to provide a group gift for the floor. Caregivers and nurses are often kept busy during their entire shift, and a little coffee or a small snack is much appreciated.

7. A charitable donation in their name
If the assisted living facility where your loved one resides discourages gifts, there are still meaningful ways that you can show your gratitude. One of them is to make a charitable donation in the caregiver’s name. This becomes even more meaningful, of course, if you know of a charity or cause that is particularly close to their heart. If you do not know of one, consider contributing to a charity related to a condition your loved one is suffering from, such as the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation or the American Heart Association.

8. A handwritten note of thanks
Caregivers unanimously say that the best gift they could receive is a heartfelt note of gratitude. Working at an assisted living facility can be difficult: long hours and the short staff is often the norm. Despite this, people become caregivers because they want to make a difference. Knowing that they’ve done just that is a gift they won’t forget.

9. A note to their boss
Don’t underestimate the power of a note of recognition to a caregiver’s boss! It may even earn them a promotion. Include a specific example of how the employee went above and beyond, or just mention how much you appreciate their consistent and cheerful care. These heartfelt signs of gratitude can always be combined with a tangible gift, but caregivers often say they are more than enough.

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