9 Great Moving Day Hacks for a High-rise Apartment

Nobody likes the process of moving. While moving into a new apartment can be exciting, the physical toll it takes on your body and the amount of time dedicated to packing and unpacking is extensive. The process is also time-consuming and you may not have everything unpacked from the move for months. In a larger city, if you’re moving into a high-rise apartment you’ll need to take extra steps to make the move easier. This only adds to the level of stress placed on your body (especially if it’s an older building without any elevators. Wherever the move is taking place and no matter how much you’re moving, here are nine great moving day hacks for a high-rise apartment.

1. Mattress Cover (With Handles)

Your mattress is not the heaviest object you own, but it might be the most awkward to move. It flops and shifts under the weight. Larger mattresses are also heavy. With a mattress cover (with built-in handles) you’ll be able to move the mattress without dealing with all the flopping around.

2. Secure Your Parking Early

If you’re moving into a large city, make sure to nab parking early. If it’s only street parking see if you can park in the alley (may need a permit) or navigate around the building when people are leaving for work. You may also want to park your own vehicle in front of the building the night before and then swap in for the moving truck.

3. Hire Movers

Hire on professional movers. You don’t need to have them on hand for the entire move, but book them to at least help with the heavier furniture. This way, you can focus your attention on the boxes and not the awkward materials.

4. Label Everything

Make sure to label everything. Color coding makes it easiest. You’ll know what box goes to what room. Unpacking is always a chore, so at least you’ll know what room a box needs to go to.

5. Take Pictures Ahead of Time

Before you move anything into the apartment, make sure to snap pictures of anything and everything damaged. Whether it’s slightly bent, something is leaking or there’s another problem altogether, you want to do what you can in order to prevent problems (and charges) when moving out. Plus you’ll likely have a period you can request repairs following your remove.

6. Use the Dolly

When renting a truck, rent the dolly. It only costs a few dollars more. It’s easier to move a few different boxes at once, and it helps you go easy on your knees and lower back. So spend the extra money on the dolly.

7. Move Valuables First

As the day goes on you’ll become tired, which opens you up to possible mistakes (like dropping a box). It’s best to move valuables into your new high-rise apartment first. Plus, you won’t have anything remaining on the truck for long periods of time. If you are moving into an area where there are people walking past and it’s out in the open, have someone sit by the truck at all times.

8. Ask About Moving Days

Talk to your apartment building about moving days. Some buildings do not allow moving on the weekends or certain days. So check before you start making any kind of arrangements.

9. Moving Gear

Invest in some moving gear. Gloves with grip will reduce slipping and help you avoid cuts and calluses. You may want to pick up knee pads if you’ll be on the ground or a back brace. This can help prevent you from throwing out your back or causing other problems you might suffer from. So protect your body from injuries with moving gear.

From protecting your valuables from protecting your own body, make sure to execute these nice great moving day hacks for a high-rise apartment. It will help make the move that much easier and you’ll have everything inside your new apartment in no time. And thankfully, the move isn’t going to last forever, so you’ll only have a day or two of moving items to and from your moving truck so don’t worry, as soon as it begins it’s almost over.

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