9 Reasons to Keep Everything in Your Vehicle Brand Specific

While cars today are built to last for well over 100,000 miles, there will be many times in which repairs or certain replacements are necessary. When you are looking for a replacement for any part of your car, you will have the option of either getting a generic replacement part of getting one that is vehicle brand specific. There are nine reasons why getting a vehicle brand replacement part could be a better option.

Better Quality

One of the main reasons to get a vehicle brand replacement part is that it can result inĀ better quality. When you get a part that is designed for your vehicle, you can be assured that it was built in the same process and to the same quality as everything else that is under the hood of your car.


If you get a vehicle brand replacement part, you can also get a warranty on these parts. Today, many of the major car companies offers warranties on individual parts that are built into the car. When you have these parts installed, you may receive a free replacement if they are not working correctly and need to be replaced again.

Accessibility of Products

Another advantage of getting a part that was designed for your car is that it is far more accessible than other parts on the market today. When you are shopping for a new part, you will find that vehicle specific parts are easier to find than generic parts as you will be able to find one through your car company’s service center.

Better Fit

When you get a product that was designed for your car, you can also be assured that it is designed to work with your vehicle and that it will be functional. All parts of a car today work together. If you have one that was not designed to work the right way with other parts of the car, it could make the car less efficient and run harder. Because of this, vehicle branded parts will result inĀ better compatibility.


In many situations, having a vehicle branded part is also more durable. Since it is built to be compatible with the rest of your car, you can be assured that it will not be over-worked in the car. This will ensure it lasts longer and is more durable.

More Service Availability

If you are in need of support when it comes to making a replacement to part of your car, you may want to go to your dealership service center as they are the most experienced when it comes to servicing your vehicle. When you go to your service center, they will require that you have a vehicle brand replacement part installed. Otherwise, you will have to find another place for service.

Easy Selection

When you go to an auto supply store to look for a new replacement part, looking for a more affordable and generic option can be confusing. However, when you buy a vehicle brand replacement part it will be much easier to find the parts that you need. When buying a vehicle specific part, you will be able to clearly identify that the part is right for your car.

Peace of Mind

When you are in need of a car repair, having a vehicle brand replacement part installed can also give you peace of mind. The replacement parts will be able to make sure that your car is able to work well and efficiently. This can make you feel comfortable that the new part will keep your car running.

Ensures Compliance

Finally, when you are in need of a new part, a vehicle brand replacement part will keep you in compliance with a variety of agreements. When you lease a vehicle, your lease agreement may require that you only use vehicle brand replacement parts when replacements are needed. Not using one of these parts could also put your whole vehicle warranty in jeopardy.

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