9 Ways To Store Your Candles When You Are Not Using Them

Candles are such vital items in the household. They have more than one uses to them. Apart from being lifesavers in times of power shortages, they can also be used to create a mood in the house, getting rid of bad odors, and for decorative purposes. However, we do not use them every day, so we have to find ways of storing them correctly until the next time you need to use them. Here we explore nine simple ways of doing just that.

Store in a cool and dry place

When the winter or holidays are finally over, and you are looking for somewhere to put your candles until you next need them, make sure you choose a very cool place. This is because candle wax gets quickly softened by the slightest heat and because of this they may melt out and if not, bend and deform. If you have a basement, it would be the best place to put them because there is no direct sunlight hitting them. Sunlight tends to not only melt them but also make their scents and colors fade. However, freezing them is not recommended because although the wax will remain firm and intact, the wick may get damaged from absorbing moisture and may not light up effectively. Therefore, even if a place is cool, if it is damp then it is not the right location.

Wrap them up

You probably have found yourself accidentally having scraped off some wax with your nail when handling the candles. This is because they are very sensitive and they require protection from friction or any other form of force. Before storing them, in a box or basket in the basement, you can wrap them up in tissue paper individually. This way, you are keeping them from absorbing moisture, and rubbing against each other or the container they are in. Your choice container should be made of a case that is not easily affected by temperature changes such as woven baskets.

Store them flat

If you are using regular taper candles, it is good to store them lying flat. However, if you have pillar candles, they can be placed in jars and kept in an upright manner. They are kept flat because of they are left standing, they often warp, and this damages the candles.

Use jars and tins

If you are a fanatic of celebrating every single moment with cake and candles, then this is for you. Luckily cake candles are small therefore storing them is not so hard. You can put them flat in tins or jars which you can either stack in a basket or shelf. If you want to be a bit decorative, you can choose to separate and put them according to their respective colors in each jar and then arranging the jars on your cool and dry shelf. You can be creative and even create color patterns. This way, when they are not being used for lighting, they are ornamental. Win-win!


If you are using votive candles, you have to be extra careful because they often melt into each other. Do not fret; there is a solution to this. You remember those egg cases or cartons that you never seem to know what to do with them? Exactly. You can use them as storage for these small candles. That way you have them sitting in their separate divides avoiding the mass melting. You can also use ornament boxes or small containers such as bottle tops to hold them in a larger box or basket.

Ziploc them

Scented candles are very sensitive, and when they are left out in the open, more often than not, they end up losing their scents. Although this doesn’t make them completely useless as they can still be used for lighting, it destroys their main purpose. Therefore to avoid this, keep all scented candles in a Ziploc back. This was the scent is held in and the candles remain fresh. Do not forget to wrap them first before storing them.

Keep them out of reach of children

Perhaps we should have begun with this. When you are not using candles, keep them away from children, especially the small active ones. You may have realized that children are curious and they are drawn to almost anything. Therefore if you keep candles where they can find them, there could be an impending fire hazard. Your kids may have seen you light up the candles and therefore when you are not around or not looking, they may decide to imitate you only to end up hurting themselves and you too. This is not the only danger. They may also ingest these candles and end up being chocked or poisoned. Therefore always ensure that wherever you have kept them your children cannot access them.

Keep them away from sharp objects

Do not store candles together with sharp objects such as cutlery or nails or files. We have mentioned how sensitive their surfaces are, and therefore if you keep them with items that can scratch or dent them, you will end up with unusable candles. Aside from wrapping them, place them in soft areas.

Store them close to their holders

It may seem trivial, but it is when you cannot find proper candle holders or stands that you will realize the importance of keeping their designated holders close to the candles. You will see that when you want to use your candles, you have limited choices of things to use as holders. This is because some items are easily flammable while others may get damaged by the melting wax. So when you are going to store your candles make sure that right next to them are their holders.

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