5 Ways Rodents are Destroying Your Home This Winter

5 Ways Rodents are Destroying Your Home This Winter
Your home is where you separate yourself from the stress of the outside world. It is where you share quality time with your family in a warm and inviting space. Buying a house is probably the most expensive financial investment you will ever make. With the extraordinary amount of money that we pay for housing, it can be frustrating when unwelcome guests such as rodents crash the party. The little critters can do a lot more damage to your home than you realize.

Electrical Damage

Rodents will chew on everything in your home, including wires. Mice can enter your home from a hole the size of a dime, and they can ruin the wiring on expensive items in your home. Rats and mice can strip off the insulation on wires that increase the chances of fires dramatically. They even have the possibility of getting inside your electrical panel to affect your entire electrical system. Rodents love to build nests, and they will chew everything apart to make it. They can create nests in HVAC units, ducts, pantry corners, and other plumbing areas.


It’s no surprise that rodents carry germs and bacteria that spread quickly. As the infestation grows, your chances of coming in contact with rodent waste increases. Rodents will defecate and urinate on all surfaces of your home, and it becomes more challenging to keep the house clean. The odor from feces and dead rodents be overwhelming. Mice can defecate more than fifty times in one day! Salmonella, tapeworms, and Lassa fever are some of the gruesome viruses that can be spread by rodents. The rodents will continue to multiply if you do not get it taken care of immediately.

Structural Damage

Rodents are precisely like humans during the colder months of the year. They are looking for locations that are warm and dry with an adequate food supply. Rodents are persistent, and they will do almost anything to get into your cozy abode. Squirrels will chew through your roof and cause thousands of dollars of repairs. Rats can burrow underground, and shift or destroy your entire foundation. Rodents can chew through multiple surfaces, including wood, concrete, sheetrock, drywall. Since rodents can squeeze into tight spaces, it becomes difficult for homeowners to repair the damages.


Those pesky vermin can cause a considerable amount of damage in your attic, including the insulation. They will use the soft material to build nests and keep themselves warm. The tears and holes in the padding can make it less efficient at keeping your house at the right temperature. Another problem is contamination from waste that can become airborne and affect your family’s health. Mice, rats, squirrels, and chipmunks can all gnaw their way through the wood components of an attic.

Decrease Home Value

Are you planning to sell your home in the Spring? That rodent problem will turn off any potential buyers immediately. Any signs of infestation will drop the value of your home far below market value. You could lose a tremendous opportunity to get the most profit from your home while the market is hot.


There are visible signs that indicate you have a rodent problem. Visible droppings, signs of nests, gnaw marks, and spoiled food can be telltale signs. Rodents are more active at night, and you will have a better chance to investigate the problem. The great news is that you can get rid of rodents before the problem snowballs. Start by plugging any holes that they can squeeze through. You can buy simple traps from any supermarket or home improvement store. Rodents love peanut butter and chocolate baited on the pitfalls. Set them side by side, and those little critters are toast! Seek professional help if you can not handle the problem yourself. Santa Clause will be your only welcome visitor this winter season.

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