Effective Tips for Handling Bad Reviews on Amazon

Regardless what items you may be selling on Amazon, if you haven’t gotten a bad review yet, hold on because it is coming. It doesn’t matter how much care you took to ship the package or the hours of work that went into crafting the item description, someone is not going to be happy. In the world of social media today, people will take hours to post bad reviews and rarely take the time to comment when they appreciated the service.

Here are some simple yet effective tips for handling bad reviews on Amazon;

Never Respond to the Bad Review

The biggest mistake that you can make when dealing with a bad review on Amazon is to respond to the review. Regardless if you are a hundred percent right, you are going to be bringing unnecessary attention to something that most buyers probably overlooked. Once you comment, you bring the review into focus, and you invite the poster to follow-up with more negativity about the transaction.

The best thing to do is leave the review alone and it will eventually just blend into the rest of the feedback received without jumping off the page.

Resist the Urge to Slam the Poster

Whatever you do, never send a direct message to the poster about their bad review. If they left the review to be annoying or hurt your business, now they know they are under your skin and may go leave more negative reviews on other things you sell. Do not poke the bear in this situation because once they realize you are annoyed, who knows how far they will take this.

Resist the urge to make things right with the poster, because once you open the line of communication, they may try to use feedback as leverage to get something for free.

Reach Out to Amazon Support

If you received a bad review on Amazon and you feel it is completely unwarranted, then reach out to Amazon support so they can take at the controversy. If the buyer has a history of slamming buyers, Amazon may revoke their feedback privilege. If the buyer is just slamming your items by posting negative reviews, Amazon can put the pieces together.

In the instance where a competitor may be leaving a bad review so their items have better feedback, Amazon can quickly determine how to handle the situation. Let the professionals handle Amazon controversies because they have the resources to discover the true intent of the buyer.

Bury the Bad Review by Praising the Good Reviews

One of the best kept secrets in the attempt to reduce bad reviews on Amazon is simply burying them under good reviews. The way that you do this is to look for the best reviews you have received, and click the button that says YES, this review was helpful. That will move the review up and the others down. If all your good reviews are rated up, that bad review will sink to the bottom of the page where no one will see it.

If you say the bad review was not helpful, that will help drop it down in position as well.

Focus on Getting More Positive Reviews

The easiest way to handle bad reviews on Amazon is to develop thick skin, shorter memory, and focus on getting better Amazon reviews. Focus on moving forward, on providing exceptional customer support, and moving in a positive direction. Each time that you receive a good review, take the time to post a thank you comment about how you appreciate them taking the time to share their opinion.

The more that you begin to focus on the good reviews, the more of those good reviews will come rolling in. Before you realize it, that bad review that you received on Amazon will sink so low that even you will forget about it buried under all the new positive feedback.

Now that you know how to handle that bad review on Amazon, focus on moving forward and develop short-term memory about the comment. In time, you will barely be able to remember why you were consumed with the situation in the first place.

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