Everything that You Need to Know About Buying Tires for the First Time

Most first-time car owners will tell you that replacing the tires is usually an unwanted expense and that it is also intimidating because really, it feels like there is so much that you need to know about the entire purchase process. Well, here is what you need to know about the tire purchase process so that it can be a little less daunting to you.

Inspecting the Tire Code

This is something that you will have to polish up on, especially if you are a first-time buyer because there are a lot of components that make up the vehicle tire code. These components include:

  • Tire type which is represented by a letter
  • Tire width which is usually indicated in millimeters
  • Aspect ratio which is a ratio of the width and the height
  • Radial which is the construction of the tire, and is marked using a letter
  • Diameter in inches
  • Load rating as a number
  • The speed rating which is represented in letters

You need to take time and understand all these components, look at your vehicle manual and see the recommended tire type and settings. This will help you figure out what tire can suit your car in case you do not get the original brand to replace with.

Assess Your Old Tires

How did you feel about your old tires? Well, before they became threadbare, obviously? If the answer is that you liked them and that they were the best driving experience that you have ever had, you will simply have to look for a replacement which is exactly the same as the old ones. On the other hand, if they made your driving a harrowing experience right from the start and the only reason you did not replace them was to avoid wasting money, you have an opportunity to rectify a problem.

The process of judging whether the tires were good to start with or they were not the best it can be a little tough. Think about the way the tires are behaving, are they currently giving you poor traction in the rain and if so, is there a time when they were better? If there is a time when they did better, then you need new tires not different ones.

How Much Money Have You Got?

It is interesting how first-time tire buyers always imagine that it will be simple to walk into the auto shop and ask for the exact same model of tires which came with their vehicle, only to realize that original spare parts really do cost an arm and a leg. Well, if you want an original replacement to your tires, start making the savings as soon as you realize that your tires could be in trouble. That way, you will have exactly what you want. On the other hand, if you need a replacement and it is kind of an emergency, meaning that you do not have some money tucked away for the same, you can think about the generic tires that will have most of the good attributes which come with the originals.

The Vehicle Model and the Tire Life

The model of your vehicle is what determines how long the tires will serve you. For instance, if you won a sports car, you cannot really expect that you will drive for more than 20,000 miles without having to replace the tires. Similarly, when you have sporty utility vehicles and you are fond of using all that extra horsepower, even when you do not need to, you will have to buy tires more often than you need to. Therefore, you need to think about how you treat your vehicle so that you can buy the tires which will best handle the wear and tear which will inevitably come.

Those are a few of the steps and tips which you may want to think carefully about when buying tires for the first time. If there is an aspect of the tire purchase process that you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask a professional dealership to offer their guidance. Even better, try and go for the tire shopping with your car so that the fitting can be simple.

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