How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet

The bouquet of flowers you carry down the aisle should complement your wedding theme in every way. The bloom that the bride carries is the language of love, and it should be the ultimate romantic statement. Over time, the manner in which a bride expresses her sentiments has stretched far beyond the use of all-white iconic arrangement. You can use a clutch of blooms to create an impact at your wedding. A lovely bouquet of flowers that is as unique as your sense of style and personality can make a difference. Here is how to select a bloom of flower that suits you in every way.




Your wedding details are a rich source of ideas for your bridal bouquet. Your wedding theme often plays the deciding role. You might want your flowers to reflect the color you adore. The nature of the wedding location might also inspire your bouquet aesthetic. For example, stems trimmed flowers might be a good fit for a seaside wedding. Flowers might have different sentimental meaning. For instance, you can use foliage and a set of flowers to symbolize your emotions or virtues. Rosemary, for example, were associated with remembrance while daisies with innocence. A bouquet that reflects your personality could also spark an idea. For example, a bride can choose a daises bouquet to express her love to her parents.




You can arrange bridal flowers in styles such as cascades, domed bouquet, and fanlike spray. In fact, you can wire different kinds of flowers to create unusual shapes such as compact nosegay. Simple bridal bouquets tend to pair best with sleek dresses while fancy ones are best suited for wedding gowns with long trains and full skirts. While there is no a standardized procedure when it comes to arranging bridal flowers, it’s wise to avoid extremes that often make the bouquet seem unbalanced. You want a bloom of flowers that complements your personality. Small profusions of rose flowers can look too diminutive when petite women carry them whereas heavy posies may overwhelm statuesque brides.




While florists have most blossoms year-round, flowers are often affordable and beautiful in season. You might spend a fortune to import a bloom of flowers. Moreover, it would be wise to use flowers that can withstand extreme temperature if you’re planning to wed during the summer. Avoid flowers such as gardenias as they wilt in a heartbeat. Opt for extremely sturdy flowers such as orchids.


Formal or Casual Wedding?


Your wedding theme and tone can help guide the style of your bouquet. For example, traditional ceremonies are more conducive to sophisticated flower compositions. Your bridal bouquets could be in structured forms such as subdued color palettes or classic blooms. On the other hand, casual weddings call for rustic bouquets that can come in an array of colors. You can add nontraditional elements such as fresh herbs and berries to your bouquets if you’re planning a casual wedding.


Find a Florist


The next step after you have generated ideas for your bridal bloom is to find a florist. Take time to search a reliable florist at least six months before the wedding. You could sign a contract with your florist a few weeks in advance. Plan to meet with several flower vendors to assess whether his or her completed projects agree with your style and taste. A professional florist will suggest suitable alternatives if your choices are unrealistic.

Once you have found a reliable flower vendor, go over their details. You could bring a fabric swatch or your wedding gown to help communicate your vision precisely. Your florist will need visuals to tailor your bridal bouquets to your personality and sense of style. Without visuals, your flower vendor might create a bridal bouquet that contrasts the one you want. Furthermore, take time to read through and understand the contract before you sign it. The agreement should contain all details including the types of flowers to be included in your bridal bouquet.


It takes patience and practice to create a bridal bouquet yourself. However, you can research the process thoroughly and keep practicing it if you plan to do it yourself. With proper planning and inspiration, your bridal bouquet can be as breathtaking as the ones you imagine.

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