How to Increase Productivity while Studying for the ACT

Taking the ACT exam is nerve-wracking because of its power to get you into the college or university that you like. Admissions officers use your scores to judge your academic knowledge and readiness to enter their institution. It’s an exam you have to ace to achieve your educational goals, which has a direct impact on the career you will have for the rest of your life. Studying for this exam while you’re on your senior year of high school can be pretty daunting with all the other activities on your plate. Here are some tips to increase your productivity:

Go to a Neutral Place to Study

Distractions abound in your home from your fighting siblings to a TV that’s too loud. Shutting yourself in your room, at times, does not work because the bed is also a tempting distraction. There’s something about being in the safe haven of your home that makes you put your guard down. The solution would be to go a neutral place like the library or a coffee shop, so you can focus better on the topics you need to cover. Getting you out of the comforts of your house makes you more serious about the task at hand.

Create a Study Space

If leaving your home is not feasible because of time constraints, then create a productive study space for yourself. You just need a small table, a desk lamp, and your notes. Tell your family not to bother you when you are in this zone because you are studying for a life changing exam.

Reduce Noise

Noise is everywhere from the pinging microwave to screaming kids to a blaring radio. There is always going to be some bit of noise the environment because that’s life. However, studies indicate that the brain works better and absorbs more information when it is quiet because it can focus more. Consider buying noise cancelling headpieces or head to the quietest place in town, the library.

Maximize Your Time

Bring your study guides wherever you go, so you can multi-task in case you have some pockets of free time. Whip it out in the car on your way to school, or take it out in doctor’s office while waiting for your turn, or you can even bring it out during school lunches so you can peruse your notes. There are 24 hours in a day and you can squeeze in some time for studying if you really wanted to.

Write it Down in Your Calendar

Penciling in your actual study time in a calendar, along with your other activities, makes you more accountable. It also gives you a clearer image of the goals you have to meet. Writing it all down makes you more accountable to yourself to follow through. On top of that, you will no longer have excuses to post-pone your studies because you have arranged your schedule to make space for it.

Eliminate Unnecessary Technology

If you want to increase your productivity, you have to do a digital detox. Take away all your gadgets from the cellphone, ipad, TV, laptop, and the like. All these have very distracting applications from games and social media accounts that make you feel compelled to check everyone’s status every so often. Shove all of these in your drawer and ignore it. But if your self control is shot, you may consider leaving these all home while you head for a friend’s house to group study or even the library to study alone and in peace.

Take Proper Notes

Taking down notes of stuff you want to memorize will help you remember things faster. Studies indicate that the more senses used, the faster you will retain the information in your head. Writing it down requires eyes, touch, and sometimes even the ears as you dictate to yourself the important tidbits you want to recall.

Set Goals and Rewards

You don’t have to study a whole 500 page book in one sitting. It is prudent to cut these down into smaller chunks. Having these mini-goals will make it less intimidating because reaching them doesn’t seem as difficult. When you reach these goals, reward yourself with something like an ice cream cone or a 15 minute Facebook break. Treating yourself right will make you even more motivated to get things done. Once the exam is done, and the outcome is favorable, then you have an excuse to treat yourself to an even bigger reward. Working hard to increase your productivity will yield a more positive score for your ACT exams. The path of your academic future hinges on how you prepare for the ACT, so maximize your time and energy with the tips aforementioned.

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